A Prayer for Schools


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and that You are getting back to normal as much as possible.

One area of everyday life that has suffered particularly over the pandemic has been education. So it’s a relief to see children returning to school this week and students packing for university. They have missed out on so much not being among their fellow pupils and students. Now is the time to catch up. So let us pray for them all today. They may be Your children or grandchildren, perhaps nephews or nieces.

I wish You all a peaceful and pleasant Sunday wherever You are. God Bless You all.

Father in heaven,
We thank you for the amazing, beautiful world you
created. Help us to care for it.
We thank you for the wonderful, unique people you have
made us to be. Help us to care for one another.
We thank you for the incredible, tasty foods you have
invented. Help us remember and care for those who are

We thank you for our schools and universities
We pray for schoolchildren. For students too.