Just Words?


Home Secretary Priti Patel has supposedly authorised a turn back policy. Britain has seen an invasion of illegal Channel crossings with roughly 1,000 migrants landing illegally every day. These are the reported figures, so it’s likely higher. That’s 365,000 a year illegally entering the country.

Most people want this stopped. A turn back policy is common sense and would limit attempts in future. It’s what Australia did under Tony Abbott, and it worked.

It’s been claimed that this is now U.K. policy, although there’s little evidence of it other than words. It’s also been claimed that Patel will seek to limit prosecutions if turned back migrants drown. Again, these are words. We have seen no limit in the numbers arriving and the RNLI and others are still helping them land.

Morons are now claiming that this means the government want migrants to die and are legalising the murder of migrants by ‘forced drownings’. Once again the position of the Left is so retarded that I am forced to defend a Conservative government I despise who aren’t defending our borders anyway.

But let’s put it plainly.

First, a government has one duty. That is to its existing citizens. It’s not to asylum seekers, it’s not to refugees, it’s not to migrants, it’s not to the multitudes elsewhere or the multitudes coming here. It’s to us. To protect us, and a nation state that doesn’t protect its borders can’t protect its citizens and is failing in its primary duty.

Second, anyone who gets in a flimsy dinghy to cross over twenty miles of the most congested shipping lane in the world to escape France and illegally enter Britain is a criminal, and a stupid criminal at that. They are not migrants, they are not fleeing persecution, they are not seeking a better life, they are not the victims of war. They stopped being all that in the first safe country they reached, if they ever were all that in the first place. They are criminals. A man who knocks on your door is a guest. A man who climbs through your window is a burglar. The act of illegally entering a country is one that should limit sympathy, especially when done from a safe country.

Third, it’s a stupid and reckless act. If you are an adult and do something stupid and reckless that results in your harm, you are to blame. Nobody else. If I run across a motorway at night wearing black clothing, and a car hits me, it’s my fault, not the drivers fault. If I ignore a warning barrier and jump off a cliff, it does not mean somebody else pushed me and is responsible for my death. I am responsible for my death because I was a fucking criminal idiot. And if a child dies this way, the responsibility lies with the adults who should be caring for that child but put it at risk.

If you are with your child in a dinghy crossing from France to Britain, you are a shit parent. If you are thousands of miles away, you are probably a worse than shit parent. You can get a damn train from France to Britain, for a start. You have no reason to ‘flee’ France. I’m not the biggest lover of the French, but the idea that they are so appalling that one must risk death in a dinghy to escape them is a little unfair.

The honest truth is that the great lure of Britain is free stuff. For free stuff, people risk their lives and children’s lives. For some, the concept of free stuff in Britain just waiting to be taken includes our women and children, who are considered infidel whores and sexual playthings by some. Of course, people traffickers evil enough to exploit all these desires.

So no, it’s not murder. It’s not forced drowning. It’s hopefully refusing to punish border agencies doing their job and protecting Britain for the deaths that result from selfish, greedy, stupid idiots jumping in the Channel without the slightest clue what they are doing and expecting to be saved, welcomed and settled in a country they have no respect for and which cannot possibly benefit from their presence.

A final thought:

The only migrants we owe anything to are the ones who showed us respect by applying to be here legally, and by going through the proper routes to claim citizenship. Making no distinction between legal and illegal entry and settlement is an insult to their efforts as well as to those of us born here.

Daniel Jupp is the author of A Gift for Treason:The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilisation, which was published in 2019. He has had previous articles published by Spiked, The Spectator and Politicalite, and is a married father of two from Essex.