The War on Elon Musk

BY DANIEL JUPP Over the last week we have seen an all-out mainstream media assault on Elon Musk and X, formerly known as Twitter. We are told that Musk is embroiled in an antisemitism scandal. We are informed that Musk liked a post which said that Jews deliberately flood white majority Western nations with immigration, and that this is a vile, far right conspiracy theory. … Continue reading The War on Elon Musk

The Problem with Being Polite

BY DANIEL JUPP In 1931 fourteen Soviet economists were put on trial. They were accused of trying to form a ‘counter-revolutionary’ political party, and of plotting against the legitimate authority of the Communist Party and its leader, Joseph Stalin. To use a phrase familiar from more recent show trials, these men were accused of being insurrectionists. In dictatorships and regimes, affiliation with any other party … Continue reading The Problem with Being Polite

Democracy Dies in Darkness

BY DANIEL JUPP On February 22nd 2017 (following an even earlier debut on Snapchat) a small but significant addition was made to the website of The Washington Post. On that day, beneath the banner of the newspaper, the following words were added: Democracy dies in darkness.” After 140 years without one, The Washington Post had adopted a slogan. A week later, it was added to … Continue reading Democracy Dies in Darkness

Gates of Hell?

BY JAMIE FOSTER In this powerful and hard-hitting analysis, Daniel Jupp examines the enormous personal power and political influence of one of the world’s richest men. The Gates of Hell covers everything from the childhood influences that shaped Bill Gates to the Microsoft years and his current incarnation as the most powerful philanthropist on the planet. Jupp traces just how vast and unaccountable the influence … Continue reading Gates of Hell?

Freedom in the Balance?

BY DANIEL JUPP Modern liberal democracies were the result of having already tried everything, from the life of the nomadic hunter-gatherer to the feudal society to monarchical autocracy to the bloodiest of anti-monarchical revolutions. They were the result of brilliant men from Plato to Edmund Burke thinking about how a society should be constructed, who should rule it, and on what basis the authority of … Continue reading Freedom in the Balance?

The Subjective Nature of ‘Hate’

BY DANIEL JUPP One of the oddest things that has been accepted with little real challenge is the notion that there is such a thing as a ‘hate crime’. Throughout the western world we have seen legislative changes and judicial advice that embeds the new notion that a crime is particularly heinous if it is motivated by an entirely subjective interpretation of whether it was … Continue reading The Subjective Nature of ‘Hate’

Fart Control

BY DANIEL JUPP Energy and food. These are things we just can’t do without. The vast majority of rebellions throughout history have been about food. ‘Every society is three meals away from chaos’. It doesn’t matter that Lenin said this or that an earlier version was invented by Dumas. The Russian experience has proven that on this he was right. Most of history’s greatest atrocities … Continue reading Fart Control

On the Durham Report

BY DANIEL JUPP The Hillary Clinton campaign invented a conspiracy that didn’t exist to try and get a rival presidential candidate defeated. They then falsified ‘evidence’ by paying a former foreign spy to create a dossier. The heads of the FBI and CIA knew it was all an invention and not real. They met with departing President Obama and presented a report detailing that this … Continue reading On the Durham Report

The Nothing Society

BY DANIEL JUPP If we are going to judge a way of looking at the world solely by its worst adherents, then we should also remember that the only self-declared atheist nations in history have been the communist dictatorships. Lenin said that atheism was fundamental to communism. Stalin and others outlawed and persecuted the Russian Orthodox Church. The Chinese communists have persecuted Christians and other … Continue reading The Nothing Society

Runners & Losers

BY DANIEL JUPP I’ve always been proud that the British tend to be kinder to animals than most other nationalities. I like that we don’t eat dogs or cats or horses or dolphins. I put that in the same category as not eating insects, although for different reasons. These things are markers of civilisation. Barbarians torture animals and are unselective about which creatures they will … Continue reading Runners & Losers

The Laws of Institutions

BY DANIEL JUPP Jupp’s First Law of Institutions: The bigger the institution becomes, the more areas of human life it will declare a compassionate interest in. And this claim of compassionate interest will grow in direct proportion to the reality of the institution becoming ever more divorced from its founding principles and intentions. Eventually the institution will care about and interfere in everything but will … Continue reading The Laws of Institutions

The Race Hustlers in Our Midst

BY DANIEL JUPP In Britain and much of the Western world the vast majority of people are not racist. This will include people who have told, or laughed at, jokes based on race. These same people will have never done anything to harm another race, and would be revolted to see racial abuse in front of them, instinctively siding with the victim. This has in … Continue reading The Race Hustlers in Our Midst

When Scandals were Scandals

BY DANIEL JUPP The Twitter Files prove that corporations, intelligence agencies and the Democrats conspired to rig an election. The Biden team instructed that a particular story be squashed, and it was. They gave lists of individuals and organisations to suppress, and these lists were acted on. The social media company was effectively an outsourced arm of government, suppressing 1st amendment free speech rights. Nixon … Continue reading When Scandals were Scandals

The New Seven Deadly Sins

BY DANIEL JUPP Technocracy: The belief that most human beings are too stupid and worthless to administer their own fate and must cede all authority and decision making to a class of enlightened experts who know better than them. Globalism: The belief that all human beings must come under a single global political authority, because allowing them sovereignty, nation states and independent rule creates opportunities … Continue reading The New Seven Deadly Sins

Pious Hypocrisy

BY DANIEL JUPP Last week I went to a Royal Shakespeare Company production of A Christmas Carol. It was a production that mixed original modern content with material based directly on Dickens’ own work.  It was a strange experience that I think said far more about modern Britain than Victorian Britain.  First, the quality of the staging, lighting, acting, singing and dancing were all undeniable. … Continue reading Pious Hypocrisy