A Prayer for the Night Workers


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I trust that You are well and that You have Your oil tanks full. There have been some nippy nights around here of late. The weather is definitely turning.

I am always impressed by the night workers. How they manage their body clocks I do not know. A family friend works four nights a week as a care worker in a nearby nursing home on twelve hour shifts. I do not know how she can appear at social functions bright eyed and bushy-tailed after just a few hours of sleep.

Your natural cycles get tossed this way and that, you eat at really weird times or skip meals altogether, and at times it’s almost impossible to have a social or spiritual life.

So let us today appreciate the nurses and medical staff who work through the night. Also the farmers whose hours are often brutal. Let’s not forget the flight attendants, bar workers, hotel receptionists, firemen, police officers, taxi drivers and security guards. Let us remember those who replenish our stores and markets.Their work is important and unseen. They are heading back from work when other workers are heading in. They must get their sleep when we are all making a din.

So please pray for this army of workers. Have a peaceful Sunday and a brilliant week ahead. God bless You all in Your endeavours.

Dear God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Remember those who labour and toil while I eat and rest.
Bless those go unseen during night hours.
Strengthen those who ply their trade after the setting of the sun.