The Dangers of Predictive Computer Modelling


Both climate change hysteria and Covid hysteria are based on two things, and in neither case except by the most inaccurate understanding of the word can these things be described as science.

The ‘science’ foundation for both is actually computer modelling. Computer modelling is a modern form of fortune telling. It can probably get fairly accurate results in a very short time span with very few variables and many historical examples to feed into the analysis. I’ll give it that much.

If you want to know how a crowd of people fleeing a fire are likely to react in a small building, it can probably do the job for you. With about the same accuracy as a human fireman (sorry, fire fighter) who has been in the job more than three weeks.

This astonishing technical marvel of replicating human knowledge and common sense at much greater expense totally breaks down when examining anything complex at all. Nearly every computer model ever provided on possible scenarios over the last thirty years has been wildly wrong. I’m talking so wrong that you might as well get a German octopus or Mystic Meg to do the selections for you.

It is not science. It has the trappings of science, the mere surface of science, in that it occurs sometimes in labs and sometimes by people wearing white coats. That does not make it science, anymore than praising Great Cthulhu is genuine spirituality. And any science thesis so repeatedly and consistently contradicted by actual events is junk science. Science itself progresses by comparing results with reality and seeing if they match. If they don’t match, it is the ‘science’ that is wrong, not reality.

The second foundation of these forms of hysteria is power, and power of the most corrupt kind. It is only because certain people can pay for results they want to hear, control global funding of scientists, direct research wherever they like including into utterly pointless and sadistic experiments that torture animals for no rational reason, reward those who say yes, silence those who say no, and most of all profit themselves from the policies their purchased ‘science’ suggests must immediately happen, that any of this could occur. For something as outlandishly absurd and as repeatedly proven to be false as computer predictive modelling of things that might happen that haven’t happened ever before to shape policy, you already have to exist in a corrupt system where normal and rational breaks on the power of government, or normal and decent restraints on its ability to ruin the lives of ordinary people, no longer exist.

You already have to exist in the kind of society that allows Joe Biden to be ‘President’ and Bill Gates to have private meetings with ‘world leaders’ and Klaus Schwab — perhaps the most obviously demented individual to hold serious power since the fall of Nazi Germany — gets to direct international policy. You have to already have a media so corrupt that they refuse to point out obvious absurdities, or to investigate anything in depth, or to publicise and care about the financial links which explain self interested con jobs perpetrated on the entire world. You already have to be in a situation where an autistic Swedish child who thinks she can see invisible pollution in the air because she has magic eyes (I’m not kidding, she genuinely thinks this) is invited to the UN to address the world as a leading expert on climate.

And these things only occur by the meeting of the quack science that is predictive computer modelling with the corrupt class who want to force policies which they know, if freely and fairly debated and revealed by an objective media, would never be voted for. Essentially vast resources are being devoted to purely imaginary threats, with an equally vast transfer of power and wealth to the parties promoting these things and away from the majority of their citizens. The people are to be driven insane with fear of little green men invading from Mars, whilst their rights, possessions and liberty are stripped from them by their fellow Earthlings. It could after all just as easily be ‘an alien invasion’ we are talking about. It would be no more fictional and no more ludicrous than ‘the planet is burning’ or ‘we are in a deadly pandemic’.

Daniel Jupp is the author of A Gift for Treason: The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilisation, which was published in 2019. He has had previous articles published by Spiked, The Spectator and Politicalite, and is a married father of two from Essex.