Welsh Senedd’s Fieldsports Lunacy

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read an article recently which suggested that the Welsh Senedd planned for Wales to be country sports free by 2024. The decision was apparently made together with Natural Resources Wales. Over the next year the Senedd is to look at ways to implement a total ban. When challenged on their announcement, the Senedd refused to make a comment or enter into talks with field sport organisations.

While this is dreadful news, it is important to note that for the Welsh ‘government’ to impose a national Welsh ban, that permission has to be sought from the actual government in Westminster.

Over 2.3 million people are registered to vote in Wales, of these over 1.1 million voted in the Senedd election on 6 May 2021. Based on valid votes, the turnout was 46.6%.

Turnout in Senedd elections has never reached more than half of the electorate. While the 2021 election had the highest turnout since the Senedd was established, it still falls short of 50%. The Senedd has always been irrelevant.

When will Westminster realise that the devolving of power to these mayoralties run by lefty lunatics is causing considerable pain to those who live in the regions? Much of the legislation that AM’s are left with is extraneous and perpetuates the sort of student politicking that should never have been allowed to escape the minor universities.

Before these jumped-up bodies do lasting harm to the British Countryside will someone in Westminster show the leadership to shut their insane plans down? As soon as possible please.

Yours sincerely,

Gary Roberts