The War against Womanhood


‘Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation’

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

There is a big fat elephant in the room and no one is talking about it. Not only has womanhood ceased to be a protected occupation, it’s ceasing to be a protected sex and a hell of a lot of women are facilitating the revolution. Perhaps they are too young to recall the victories of feminism.

Remember the days when it was quite rare to find ‘experts’ from academia being questioned on TV morning news programmes about anything? Let alone female academics. Those days when not so long ago a woman commenting on male rugby or football matches would have had an effect akin to David Attenborough spotting a unicorn whilst walking in woodlands? This was back when women’s lib was all about equal rights and pay in the workplace, and before biology got ‘reimagined,’ along with history lessons, politically incorrect action movies or The Proms.

Now see how far we’ve come…

Many women have become ’empowered’ (radicalised) and ‘activist’ now seems to be a job description. From baring breasts for the environment (whilst decrying Page 3 type modelling, obviously) to gluing themselves to buildings & the M25, we’ve gone from being the silent but powerful ‘influencers’ behind men to being subjects of ridicule and worse still. Now we’re fragile but angry women who are apparently unable to get decent jobs without the need for positive discrimination or quotas.

Women are now on the front line at riots (convenient for the men behind them) and ‘leaders’ of institutions, they’re the constant ‘go to’ interviewees on TV news. Especially the MP’s… all we seem to see are university-indoctrinated, zombie 30 somethings incapable of critical thought, intolerant of alternative viewpoints, happily trampling on decades of hard-won women’s rights with their heart-not-head opinions, now turning all of us women into ‘tokens’ of identity politics in the eyes of audiences. The same goes for the USA where feminism’s victories are being eroded by new female lawmakers sacrificing womanhood on the altar of identity politics.

Got a job to advertise? Give it to the first female that comes along, regardless of any lack of qualifications, it will make the bosses’ figures look good (and we’re big on ‘equal opportunities’ so we’re happy to demean gay and black candidates in the same way too.)

These females are the new air-headed bimbos. They’re divisive, happily slotting sisters into sub-groups of their own sex – gay women/black women/pansexual women/pro-Palestine women. At a recent student protest they literally separated everyone into groups along those lines – the polar opposite of the inclusivity and diversity they all claim to want.

Time-travellers from the 70’s switching on a TV now could be forgiven for wondering where all the men went as it’s noticeable that only women who have the *correct* opinions are allowed to hold sway. The one subgroup that won’t get a look-in – except on GB News – in is that rarest of creatures, the Right-leaning woman.

Conservative academics, journalists or experts in any field given a platform on TV are now an endangered species. Like female models in skimpy underwear in M&S Christmas commercials, they’ve simply been erased and are unlikely to be allowed to upset the permanently triggered by being given a platform from which to spout their ‘Far-Right bigotry.’

Of real concern is the whole trans gender row.

We’ve arrived at a place where politicians will no longer define the word ‘woman’ but more importantly far too many women across all political parties won’t define womanhood either and, worryingly, they are repeating the ‘transwomen are women’ mantra like words from the gods. 

We’ve seen it before – minority groups & their inevitable fight to remain relevant after all rights have been won. And feminism has been no exception. But turning into biology-denying fantasists – well, few saw that one coming. Seeing women from the Women’s marches explaining how it’s perfectly logical and empowering to allow men (formerly known as ‘the patriarchy’) into women’s sporting events and changing rooms, is wondrous to behold, especially to a woman who comes from a long line of bra-burners!

Wake up, women. You are about to lose your hard-fought freedoms once again to men.

Anya was born and brought up in Africa and moved to the UK as a teen. She is a ‘squaddie brat’ – she comes from a long line of military veterans. Anya is @dearaunty on Twitter.