Abuse of Parliamentary Rules by Animal Rights Extremists

Rural industries and field sports in the UK are in constant danger from 3P (Pillocks, Parasites and Politics) whose noisy views are usually personal daydreams or sentimentality, making such objections mainly fictional – based on neither factual truth nor understanding.

It is therefore important that rural politics are subject to some sort of oversight based on truth and understanding, otherwise you end up with laws and rules made for la-la land. 

There should be no need to look further than our own dear Parliament, but their deliberations on the subjects of applied wildlife management and rural activities during the Johnson era were being taken over by a disgraceful, lying sect of bone-headed fundamentalists led astray by a false prophet.

Prime Minister Truss, please take note. Instead of keeping an eye on things, DEFRA now provides an umbrella that protects and encourages droves of annoying, larcenous and economically dangerous animal rights (AR) souls. 

Fundamentalists may be defined as “people with an unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs or dogma”, a description that perfectly fits these sad devotees of AR, itself a brain-fart orthodoxy dreamt up by the mad Australian Peter Singer. Their ayatollah of artifice in the UK is that eco-shyster Eduardo Gonçalves, probably the most deceptive manipulator of the truth since Bill Clinton. Gonçalves, you will recall, makes his money by trying to do to hunting and fieldsports (and therefore to rural UK) what Bill Clinton always denied doing to Monica Lewinsky. He is arguably the finest propagandist since Goebbels and perhaps cleverer than Charles Ponzi, one of the world’s most blatant conmen. You may think Gonçalves is a clown but beware. Be very aware. From a rural perspective, he’s more than a clown.

AR rot is still festering inside Parliament and its buildings. Readers will be aware that I recently exposed the All Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting (APPGBTH). These people are typical of rural UK’s problems, a disgrace to Parliament and an insult to truth, justice and the rule of law. Those of you rural citizens who fondly believe that Parliament, justice or the law will protect you from the hatred of mentally corrupted AR puritans are sadly mistaken. 

It won’t be an easy task to root them out because much of UK media, plus the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) under yes-man George Eustice MP, Golden Lord Zac, together with groups like the APPGBTH, are already completely rotten to the core. Questions need to be asked, urgently. We expect nothing better from our “thar’s gold in them there gutters” red-top newspapers, but freedom of speech and truth were once paramount in newspapers of record and, most of all, sacred in Parliament. 

No longer.

The way it stands now, hunters and wing-shooters might as well start wearing yellow stars, while UK gun owners are presently suffering a nationwide assault by plods trying to divert attention from the mess they made in the Plymouth shooting tragedy. So, act now or rural lifestyle will be next – Niemöller’s warning applies here. Animal rights won’t stop at hunters because AR is not about hunters, animals or the countryside – it is a mental disease that feeds on egotism and the political, social and monetary power of its advocates. Animals and the environment are simply their innocent, unanswering vehicle. You will become its victims.

AR donkeys get up and spout nonsense in the House, simply because they can – they have Parliamentary privilege in the Chambers, so you or I cannot sue them for slander or libel. Their lies are an abuse of truth and of Parliament, let alone farmers and hunters. There is plenty of evidence – they had debates here and here that are little more than hate-speech rants with no basis in fact. 

Add to those AR rants the official DEFRA press release on December 10th, from Lord Goldsmith and George Eustice MP. It was a blatant AR propaganda sheet that featured the shyster Gonçalves (again) and the notorious international eco-chuggers HSUS among others. On an official British Government press release?


This is DEFRA we are talking about. And you thought the “F” in DEFRA stood for farming? If so, what is Claire Bass (exec of HSI, HSUS’s UK vampire tentacle) doing inside DEFRA? On a UK Govt. Press Release? HSUS is a cash-harvesting fundamentalist AR sect – (Wikipedia – “USA Today, The International Herald Tribune and The San Francisco Chronicle have described HSUS as devoted to “animal rights”, as opposed to “animal welfare”). HSUS is a sworn enemy of animal farming – in their own words: ”My goal is the abolition of all animal agricultureJohn “J.P.” Goodwin, HSUS Grassroots Coordinator, reported in AR-Views, an animal rights Internet discussion group, 1996.

So why are these nutters and farm-haters featured on an official UK Govt farming dept press release?

Not yet convinced? 

Try the outrageous November 21st EFRA kangaroo committee that “examined evidence” (my foot) about hunting trophy imports, a travesty where the only witnesses and evidence allowed in were the ARsouls including HSUS and Gonçalves (again) – nobody from farming, hunting, or sustainable use was admitted. Pure hate-fest. 

Remember the meeting of Gonçalves’ (again) gobby  disciples, who threw one of the UK’s most knowledgeable wildlife scientists out of their circus of hate inside the Parliament building? It was reported in the Guardian. Is that the way to use the meeting rooms in the Parliament building, home of free speech? Throw out the one sane, honest person in the room who knows the subject? No wonder liars ruled the debates.

How about a recent “VIP” screening of a ridiculous hunter-hate-movie “LionSpy “ – another of those cleverly cut, deceptive “undercover” movies, was “presented in the Parliament building, apparently, by the Born Free Foundation” but, at the time of writing, when you press the presentation’s “more info” button, you find yourself in Gonçalves’ (again) money glue-trap BTH website. Quelle surprise, Dear Reader.

The film (it’s not a documentary) is just another hunter crucifixion, this time by Rogue Rubin, a hysterical woman whose day job is supervising humans copulating, a calling that no doubt gives her much experience of rummaging in the bush, just not the African bush.

The outrages go on and on. And this is all going on in our Parliament! Let’s look again at that disreputable APPGBTH “report”. The APPGBTH, in their mad spit-dribble delusion, have decided to act like North Korea – they group all or any dissent of their fallacious dogma into a false hate-construct called “evil gun industry mischief”. What sort of nonsense is this?  Surely, the gun industry, like any similar manufacturing industry, is very likely to offer financial or other support to activities that make use of its products? That kind of support is not “mischief” or “evil” or illegal and is hardly the driving force behind hunting – hunting has a million years of history and is today’s sustainable use of vast, remote areas of the world.  

APPGBTH hatred blatantly poisons Parliamentary debate without any regard for legality. Their recent “report”, as I wrote earlier, is decorated with images stolen from hunting websites without permission. It’s blatant theft of copyright. They will no doubt claim “exclusive cognisance”, better known as Parliamentary privilege, that protects Members from legal action, but exceptions to copyright law protection are subject to a “fair dealing” test and the test is this – how would a fair-minded and honest person have dealt with the work? The APPGBTH is not fair-minded or honest. Besides, theirs is not official Parliamentary business. It is a ship of fools, enjoying privilege only if it is necessary to the proper business of the House.

Perhaps someone can explain why showing the hunters’ faces on the report was instrumental to the business of the House – they clearly were not. Their portrayal was nothing less than barefaced, spiteful bait on the front of 279 pages of non-factual hate propaganda. Fair-minded is plainly not a concept understood well by the APPGBTH. 

Parliamentary privilege has absolute power but to avoid becoming absolutely corrupt, it should not be used to break common law unless absolutely necessary. Despite looking like normal people, and no doubt convinced they are both honest and democratic, here are some of this APPGBTH Taliban, who smile as they wilfully try to destroy poor, remote people, natural habitat and wild animals across vast tracts of the world.

You will be next. 

They answer the age-old question – How is it possible for nice, ordinary people to do terrible things to other people? It’s easy. Convince them that they are right. Meanwhile, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Their arrogance and criminality are not limited. Not only were the images on their “report” stolen without copyright but they also reprinted them showing hunters’ faces. Then, inside, to add insult to injury, they quite outrageously identified every hunter by name as well. Lawyers are now aware.

This shabby exhibition of spite is a common technique of Gonçalves (again) but brings us to GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulations – and the toughest privacy and security laws in the world, quite separate from copyright. GDPR is so strict, it advises that every use of people’s images should be preceded by a written risk assessment to test its necessity. Clearly, the cavalier publication of hate speech by the APPGBTH, together with undeserved publication of faces and names, placed innocent (for the hunters have done nothing illegal) people and their families and businesses in real danger from eco-nutters. Is this what our UK Parliament has come to? Enabling eco-terrorism? Out of spite? 

If this were the USA, such an act would very likely transgress conspiracy aspects of  the AETA, Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, designed to prohibit such intimidation, let alone violence towards the innocent. (Of course, the publication appeared in the USA as elsewhere on the worldwide web). That it is permitted in our Parliamentary building implies acceptability.

It is not as though they are unaware of the consequences of their irresponsible spite. Their official “secretariat”, wily Gonçalves (again), is the ex-CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS), an organisation long suspected of overlooking animal liberation, sabbing and domestic terrorists as its own de facto jackboot shock-troops. Gonçalves smuggles this nasty potential into our Parliament building.

APPG’s have existed in the past for the Tamil Tigers and the IRA. Why continue the tradition? Those associated with this APPG should be warned by Scotland Yard about who they are breaking bread with.

Under GDPR, any use of a person’s image and name are subject to very strict criteria. It must be absolutely necessary in terms of public interest, but interest does not apply in this case – there is nothing to protect the public from since hunting is legal, and AR hatred is no excuse. In the UK, you cannot go around defaming people and using their image to damage them without reasonable cause, and there is nothing reasonable in this case.

So, having trampled over the hunters’ human rights, copyright and GDPR, the rodents of the APPGBTH will no doubt again claim Parliamentary privilege for their criminal bigotry. How conveniently smug of them. But, Dear Reader, that privilege also has a limit in “the doctrine of necessity” – it should be strictly limited to those areas where immunity from normal legal oversight is necessary in order to safeguard the effective functioning of Parliament. Them’s the rules.

It is obvious to any fair minded and honest person that the faces of the hunters should have been blurred in order to reasonably protect them under GDPR, and similarly their names reduced to initials. This would leave the emotive pictures of dead animals (and thus the APPGBTH disgraceful hate-speech) unaffected, because welfare of wild animals is what the group falsely claims as their raison d’être. If follows that identifying the hunters personally by means of image and name was a blatant and unnecessary breach of GDPR regulations that enables venomous and unwarranted eco-terrorism (in the name of our Parliament???). Again, hardly surprising – shyster Gonçalves (again), their “secretariat”, takes pride in the fact that the deceitful campaign and perfidious press release activities of his secretive money-making private company are a textbook example of total disregard for transparency, balance or people’s rights. 

Lies, kangaroo courts, spite, eco-terrorism – it is time to question why these shabby and unfair tactics enjoy any privilege at all. Stopping them won’t impact adversely on free speech or the core or essential business of Parliament – a principle argued in R. v Chator and others for those who will pursue the matter further.

Gonçalves (again) is the source of all this infection. It is surely time to remove this deceptive, unelected crapmeister, disinfect the place and get back to reality. Some of the more snowflakey MPs and head-rot mullahs of the APPGBTH might then have a chance to recover from their ergot-like affliction.

Unfortunately, George Eustice MP’s nose is apparently a Gonçalves’ wedgie, so he won’t do anything, not that he’ll be hanging around to make any decisions anyway when Truss takes over. I therefore urge all UK readers – please, please make a formal complaint to your MP. Complain that the All-Party Parliamentary Group to Ban Trophy Hunting has broken copyright and GDPR regulations unnecessarily and in a manner undeserving of Parliamentary privilege.  Ask your MP to take the matter up with The Commons Select Committee of Privileges, the body charged with keeping an eye on such rodenty activity – they apparently receive complaints from MP’s, but not from the public. 

Those of you who are members of the Conservative Party, do have a word with Liz. I hear that high up on her To Do list is ‘winning back the Countryside’ and this magazine shall be publishing a How To guide on that very subject quite soon.

It is time to do some pest control before this plague spreads any further.

John Nash grew up in West Cornwall and was a £10 pom to Johannesburg in the early 1960’s. He started well in construction project management, mainly high-rise buildings but it wasn’t really Africa, so he went bush, prospecting and trading around the murkier bits of the bottom half of the continent. Now retired back in Cornwall among all the other evil old pirates. His interests are still sustainable resources, wildlife management and the utilitarian needs of rural Africa.