The EU & Moral Relativism


The EU display drag queen, sado-masochistic bondage fetish ‘artwork’ that includes a Last Supper composed entirely of freaks and a naked black Christ on the Cross entwined with a naked white man.

A few points occur to me:

First, it’s not so crazy to call these people Satanic. That’s exactly what they are, that’s exactly what they are doing. They are conducting a war on everything traditional, but especially on everything Christian and everything the western world once accepted as moral and good.

That means a war on the family, on real men, on actual females, on babies in the womb, on children, on parental rights, on individual rights, on bodily autonomy except when it’s to do something perverse or destructive, on borders, on nation states, on patriotism, on freedom, on farmers, on the countryside, on white people, on laws that make sense, on economics that work, on everything sane.

Everything innocent will be blamed. Everything good will be crushed, mocked, replaced.

That means a celebration and a prioritisation of freaks, and traitors, and crooks, of perversion, squalor and filth, of defecation and masturbation on the streets, of drugs, depravity and selfishness, of crime and criminals, of the rights of perverts and paedophiles and terrorists, of bizarre fetishes and filth ridden absurdities, of confusion, chaos and anarchy.

Everything guilty will be excused. Everything evil will be encouraged, celebrated, praised.

All of this is the inversion of good and evil, and all of this is Satanic.

Along with those EU paintings mocking Christ and celebrating perversion I also saw today a letter purportedly from the parent of a ‘trans child’ talking about having to bribe, coerce, force their crying child to undertake trans treatments and describing this vile child abuse against their own offspring as noble and good.

What word fits all this better than Satanic?

Second, though, you will note that the EU is not a monarchy, and nor is the USA. Apparently some on my side on other things think this stuff only happens because of the Royal Family. That is bullshit.

All the major corporations back this vileness. All the political institutions, all the media, all of the political elite in constitutional republics, in monarchies, in democracies, in every system in the West.

All of them don’t care if Christian kids are killed, and don’t care about or actually encourage paedo networks. Look at what Elon found at Twitter. Hundreds of people employed to police your thoughts, and nobody employed to protect kids from online paedo groomers.

So many of them are massive authoritarians when it comes to things that might defend what is good or decent, and massive ‘anything goes’ merchants when it comes to things that are selfish and destructive. Or outright evil.

If you want to defend yourself from a rioter, a home intruder, or a pervert in the women’s toilets, you can’t do that. Own a legal firearm? You have no right to do that.

But if you want to stalk children, sell drugs, take drugs, own an illegal firearm? That’s fine. You have every right to do that.

Too often the good citizen is legally the criminal now, and the evil non-citizen is legally the protected person that society exists to serve.

Everything selfish or foul is allowed. Everything normal or decent is banned.

Contrast the treatment of Christianity with the treatment of Islam. It’s not just that they hate religion. It’s not just that they hate traditional views. They choose to hate the religion that has done most good and gave the West moral guidance, and they choose to love the religion that has done most harm and is most alien and inimical to real western values.

Would they mock Allah or Mohammed in the EU Parliament? No.

They love Islam. But why? It’s insanely patriarchal. Aren’t they also on the side of feminism? It’s massively irrational and backwards. Don’t they claim to be the side of science and rationality? How do you square supporting radical feminism and the most patriarchal system on Earth at the same time?

Morally, rationally, logically, you can’t. But if you support both because both are destructive to the West, it suddenly makes sense.

And of course they are mostly at their desired point already. The West is mostly dead, and they play sick games with the corpse. Not some Dan Brown collection of five families including the Windsors. It’s not ‘them’.

Virtually everyone powerful and influential. That’s the real ‘them’. The problem is far wider than the conspiracy theory version admits. To be a middling level scientist, academic, journalist or politician now you pretty much have to sign on for Satanism, for a complete inversion of what is good and what is evil. It’s not CALLED Satanism, of course. And you don’t sign up to it in a secret chamber wearing black robes.

You sign up to it by watching and believing some of the rubbish on the media or by accepting that to keep your job you do have to attend that mandatory racial awareness training or you do have to put your pronouns on your email. Or you want a bigger State or you laugh at the idea that an election was stolen. Or you think there’s nothing wrong with Drag Queen Story Hour.

That’s how you sign up to be a friend to stuff that is obviously Satanic. The robes are optional. The secret meetings aren’t secret. You’re invited to them by HR.

Daniel Jupp is the author of A Gift for Treason: The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilisation, which was published in 2019. He has had previous articles published by Spiked, The Spectator and Politicalite, and is a married father of two from Essex.