The Uncivil Snore

BY JAMIE FOSTER On Monday 7 January 2019 the Brexit drama ‘Brexit: The Uncivil War” was broadcast on Channel 4. It is fair to say that it was a Remoaner version of history. History is often written by the victors. When it is written by the losers it carries an unmistakable edge of bitterness and self-pity. This drama was based on the premise that the … Continue reading The Uncivil Snore

Walker’s Crisps: Salt & Too Much Lineker

BY JIM BROWNE I make two trips every week to the Tesco’s Superstore just a few miles from the Browne house. The first trip involves dropping my wife off and then pulling into a parking spot at The Red Lion next door. I confess I enjoy my Friday afternoon hour of freedom. A pint of cider goes down splendidly with pork scratchings and a chinwag with the locals. … Continue reading Walker’s Crisps: Salt & Too Much Lineker

Sing, Act, Shut Up

BY NICK JOHNS When your child tells you that they’re not off to university but are going to acting school instead, one’s heart drops. You know the chances of them becoming a well-paid Hollywood or television actor are close to zero. Nonetheless, you smile. You love them, after all. Acting or singing as careers are most often voyages to nowhere; full of hope and angst; famine … Continue reading Sing, Act, Shut Up