Puppet Masters

BY DANIEL JUPP Mainstream: Russian security concerns are a paranoid fantasy. Putin is delusional. The idea that Ukraine could be used as a staging post for regime change in Russia is absurd. Johnson: Putin must fail! Biden: For God’s sake this man must go! The thing about the stupidity of the puppets selected to pretend to be leaders is that one of them is a … Continue reading Puppet Masters

Biden or Bite Them?

Will Joe Biden make America great again? President-elect, Joe Biden, has his work cut off for him like many previous presidents of the greatest country in the world before him. What makes his tenure distinct is the fact of a pandemic that has ravaged through the country, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and has in equal measure, left many Americans poorer and unemployed. This … Continue reading Biden or Bite Them?

America’s Dispiriting Dilemma

BY ALEXIA JAMES The population of the US is 328.2 million. That’s almost five times the UK population. So how come they end up with a presidential race between the venal Donald Trump and the senile pervert Joe Biden? Sniffing Joe is not all there. He makes Ronald Reagan’s latter Alzheimer’s years look coherent: Biden’s a sex pest? Don’t believe me? Watch this: As for … Continue reading America’s Dispiriting Dilemma