America’s Dispiriting Dilemma


The population of the US is 328.2 million. That’s almost five times the UK population. So how come they end up with a presidential race between the venal Donald Trump and the senile pervert Joe Biden?

Sniffing Joe is not all there. He makes Ronald Reagan’s latter Alzheimer’s years look coherent:

Biden’s a sex pest? Don’t believe me? Watch this:

As for Trump, Yes, I hear you. Trump scares the bejesus out of the terrorists, he has taken strides in draining the swamp, peace in the Middle East has progressed, the pre-Covid US economy boomed, he’s given China long-needed resistance and he’s the last beacon of hope against globalists trampling over freedom and democracy. But, really, a man who has implanted his family into key positions? A fellow with the moral compass of his pal Ghislaine Maxwell whose one-line pithy responses during the pandemic were cringeworthy and desperate? Where’s the humility? Trump’s recent meltdowns have been noteworthy, bigly. 

America, out of three hundred million people you couldn’t find a better two leaders? Your system is as flawed now as it has ever been, dear American cousins. Any political system is faulty but yours has become the cash’n carry awards. Your democracy – respected around the globe – has become far too much of a caricature. Your second string – Pelosi, Sanders, Schumer – a sign of the deep rot.

In the UK, the decline in quality of the political class can mostly be pinned on the City of London. It pays more, offers cut-and-thrust careers and attracts the cream of each British generation. The Labour Party recruits social workers. The Conservative Party recruits louche wannabes. While the same can be said of American business – which has lost none of its shine during the Trump Presidency – American politicians are certainly not as hard up as British ones. To go into politics in the US does not come at financial cost to the candidate to such an extent as it does in the UK.

So, you are left between a rock and a hard place, American friends. Who will you vote for?

It has to be Trump.

Which of the two has the potential to become a great US President? Which of the two will put a rocket up the post-pandemic US economy? Which of the two can string a sentence together?

It is not the place for a Brit to offer advice, just as American intervention in matters related to Brexit is most unwelcome. Nonetheless, vote for Trump. Biden is a return to self-harm, a gift for Chinese ambitions and a sigh of relief for terrorists from Tehran to Detroit.