Real or a Postcard?

BY BERT BURNETT This is a picture put up by the Cairngorms National Park. Beautiful isn’t it? But what this photograph fails to reveal is that this is what the area looked like before the Park Authorities took over. It’s looked like this for decades if not longer, thanks to the management that was in place before not the management that we have now. Such … Continue reading Real or a Postcard?

Rural Workers Fight for Cairngorms Jobs

Rural workers in Britain’s biggest national park will stage an online protest on Wednesday (20th) over a blueprint they say threatens jobs and red-listed species. Members of Grampian Moorland Group have organised ‘Protest in the Park’ against the Cairngorms National Park Authority Board’s Partnership Plan. The draft Plan for the next 5 Years proposes a shift to less economic models of game bird management and advocates swingeing … Continue reading Rural Workers Fight for Cairngorms Jobs