Was Jesus a Tory?

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN I read with stupefaction last week that a new organisation is being launched by a group of Corbyn’s Labour MPs – called Catholics for Labour. Some fellow called Mike Kane, who is apparently the shadow schools minister and an MP, will be the organiser of the group which will be formally established at Labour’s party conference later this month. So, why the … Continue reading Was Jesus a Tory?

A Video To Help Blind Corbynites See

CSM EDITORIAL This is a video which should be spread far and wide. In it the Great Thomas Sowell explains how he moved on from the quick fix addiction of Marxism. It’s only a short video so even those really busy student followers of Mr Corbyn will have time to watch this. Even better – it’s free to view and only lasts four minutes. Do … Continue reading A Video To Help Blind Corbynites See

The “Do-Gooders” are the True Psychos

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN Nazism is leftist, big-state politics – something that should never be placed on the right-hand side of a single-left-right-axis linear political spectrum. The clue comes in its German origin: Nationalsozialismus. Just because Nazism countered left-wing communism from the get-go of its original, twentieth-century Munich manifestations hardly warrants it a place alongside small-state, individualistic libertarianism. Yet the Left, by screaming loudly, disowns Nazism by branding it right-wing; … Continue reading The “Do-Gooders” are the True Psychos

Labour for the Taking

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN At public school, the powers that be insisted that your bed in the dormitory was located a few feet away from your enemy’s. Over a fourteen-week term, this was meant to be character-building. So, for the first couple of years, I found myself next to my enemy, who we shall call O’Flaherty. O’Flaherty and I really disliked each other, so much so … Continue reading Labour for the Taking