Countryside Culture Wars

BY KEER LONSDALE I love the English countryside and have done from a very young age. Even as a tiny tot the ramshackle mud-heap of a farm yard, or the smell of muck-spreading, or the racket of a twilit rookery, or the gentle patchwork of fields and hedges stretching to a misty distance, were to me signals of my proper habitat, my rural home, the … Continue reading Countryside Culture Wars

We’re Losing this War

BY SAM HOOPER The good aspects of this populist insurgency in America and Britain need saving from horrified (and increasingly organised) antidemocratic elites – but also from cynical and incompetent populist leaders who are squandering our last best hope of democratic renewal. For all the furious words being written and opinions expressed of late, nothing much seems to be changing. Despite a political discourse which … Continue reading We’re Losing this War