The Left is Lost

BY PAUL NEWALL These days our headlines seem to be filled with angry females, from a tearful Greta Thunberg lecturing the UN on how we’re all doomed – to Jess Phillips virtually lapel-strangling Boris Johnson in the House of Commons. The late Jo Cox even cropped up in a Commons debate where we were told that the language of Brexiteers was endangering lives. Of course … Continue reading The Left is Lost

Fear Merchants of Yesteryear

BY JAMIE FOSTER Having lost the Labour leadership to his brother and swanned off to the States to be the President of the International Rescue charity, David Miliband has decided to swan back to Britain to interfere in Brexit. Teaming up with Nicky Morgan and Nick Clegg, David is calling for a ‘soft’ Brexit, which appears to be another word for no Brexit at all. … Continue reading Fear Merchants of Yesteryear

Leader In Waiting No Longer

BY JON ALEXANDER It has been more than a rumour for a long time now that the Fabian-backed, Soros-backed doyen of the worst of the progressives, David Miliband, (son of Communist Ralph and brother of hapless Ed) has been waiting in the wings to return and seize the Labour Party and thus a route into power for his repugnant backers. Brexit Is ‘the Humiliation of … Continue reading Leader In Waiting No Longer