Fear Merchants of Yesteryear


Having lost the Labour leadership to his brother and swanned off to the States to be the President of the International Rescue charity, David Miliband has decided to swan back to Britain to interfere in Brexit.

Teaming up with Nicky Morgan and Nick Clegg, David is calling for a ‘soft’ Brexit, which appears to be another word for no Brexit at all. The three gave a speech and wrote an article in the Mail on Sunday in which they claimed that a hard Brexit would be selling the country’s future out. It is unclear from their pronouncements exactly what they mean or want by a softer Brexit. The only thing they clearly want is for the country not to have voted for Brexit in the referendum.

It is yet another example of Remainers unwilling to face up to the reality that they lost the argument and need to move on. Questions were raised about whether Miliband’s reappearance on the scene heralded the birth if a new party aimed at the middle ground. It is an odd idea that if a group of losing politicians banded together they could somehow make a powerful winning force.  Miliband denied that he had any intention of forming a new party and stated he was only here to call for a softer Brexit. They seemed to want us to stay within the single market and the customs union and to consider staying within the EEA. Soft Brexit apparently means as little Brexit as is humanly possible.

The problem for Remainers like Miliband, Morgan and Clegg is that the country voted to leave the EU not to stay within its many institutions and organisations. The only way to ensure our laws are made here is to leave the single market. The only way to negotiate trade deals ourselves with the rest of the world is to leave the customs union. Miliband thinks that negotiating our own trade deals is fanciful. He says that Donald Trump is unlikely to give us a better deal than he gave the EU. This is simply talking down the UK. Trump has given clear signs that he is ready to trade with the UK on favourable terms. It is time we tested the waters.

Remainers lack the courage on behalf of the nation and the belief in the nation to believe we can make it on our own. In truth the UK is more than capable of securing trade deals that are in our own best interests. Any Brexit that is based on limiting our ability to negotiate our own trade deals is a bad Brexit. It robs us of the great opportunity that we are faced with in coming out of the EU. We cannot remain in any of the restrictive EU institutions and take on the challenges that we need to in order to have the best possible Brexit.

It is high time we put voices like Miliband’s, Clegg’s and Morgan’s behind us and looked to the future. The UK has always been a wonderful entrepreneurial nation that is able to face up to the challenges it faces. Set free from the shackles of Europe we have every chance of making an exciting new economic future for ourselves through our own endeavours. We don’t need the nay sayers talking our country down.  Project fear has always been just that, an exercise in trying to frighten us into believing we were incapable of standing on our own two feet. It didn’t work during the referendum and it shouldn’t work now.

The government needs to show it has listened to the country and not the whining of the Remainers. It needs to set out a plan for leaving all of the EU’s stifling institutions and trying to make the best deal it can to trade with the EU going forward. Brexit should be neither hard nor soft, it should simply be getting out of the arrangements that have held us back for forty years. If David Miliband wants a new political purpose he should challenge Jeremy Corbyn for leadership of the Labour party. His views on Brexit are pointless and best kept to himself.