The Winner Takes it All

BY DAVID EYLES Background My analyses of Conservative held constituencies was conducted in July 2018. The first part of the two articles is here. The second part is here. These two articles, and the analyses behind them, looked solely at the Tories by examining each constituency and then interrogating them with a very simple model to test their resilience to attack by a determined and organised UKIP. … Continue reading The Winner Takes it All

In the Name of God, Go!

CSM EDITORIAL So the soon-to-be-retired inebriate Jean-Claude Juncker has now declared the Brexit process “a waste of time, and a waste of energy.” That’s awfully rich. This after three years of entrenched EU intransigence and obstructionism, insisting on a punitive withdrawal agreement intended to make the UK an example lest any other state consider throwing off the yoke of subjugation. After three years of pervasive … Continue reading In the Name of God, Go!

General Election 2017

CSM EDITORIAL Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for a General Election yesterday morning came as a huge surprise to the opposition parties, to the media and the public. Her statement was bold and strong and delivered with a steely panache. Prior to the announcement there were rumours about a possible abdication announcement, there was talk of going to war, while Sky’s Adam Boulton speculated about … Continue reading General Election 2017