Recording of James O’Brien’s ‘Most Admirable Person’ Surfaces

BY THE EDITOR A few years ago, my colleague Nicholas Pearce wrote about how a Torbay-based dime store huckster known as Ellie Waugh managed to get the bleeding-heart LBC shock jock James O’Brien to promote her latest deception on air. Up to £70,000.00 was raised in donations by Waugh’s con, mostly using a crowdfunder that O’Brien innocently promoted live on air during his morning radio … Continue reading Recording of James O’Brien’s ‘Most Admirable Person’ Surfaces

Humanity & James O’Brien

BY NICK PEARCE On the 8th November 2018, James O’Brien, a DJ from LBC, unwittingly promoted a con. One of the victims of the con wrote an article in this magazine in January of this year detailing her experiences. The con centred around a homeless charity called Humanity in Torbay, Devon. The charity at the time was run by a certain Mrs Ellie Waugh. Waugh … Continue reading Humanity & James O’Brien

The Councillor Who Fled to Manila

CSM EXCLUSIVE Mark King has been a Conservative Councillor in Torbay, Devon for 4 years. A serving councillor who was disciplined for misconduct and fled 7,000 miles to the Philippines, he claims he fears for his safety if he returns. King was accused of multiple breaches of the code of conduct by a woman he developed a personal relationship with. He fled to Manila in … Continue reading The Councillor Who Fled to Manila