The Long Road

BY ALEX STORY The British Government is engaged in a war of attrition against its own people. Our borders, defended over centuries at such high costs, have vanished. Sue Braverman, our current Home Secretary, sounded earnest when she said the country faced an “invasion” last October. She was promptly attacked by government lawyers as either “reckless” or “deliberate” – Lawyers for whom we pay. They, … Continue reading The Long Road

A Postcard from Biarritz

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN As I write this piece from Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast, the September sun is shining and waves are crashing down onto the beach in front of the Hotel de la Plage. A dozen or so surfers attempt to gain traction from the occasionally useable waves. The terrace cafe in which I am sitting is much quieter than a month ago, … Continue reading A Postcard from Biarritz