The Long Road


The British Government is engaged in a war of attrition against its own people.

Our borders, defended over centuries at such high costs, have vanished.

Sue Braverman, our current Home Secretary, sounded earnest when she said the country faced an “invasion” last October.

She was promptly attacked by government lawyers as either “reckless” or “deliberate” – Lawyers for whom we pay.

They, unlike her though, heroically chose to throw mud at the minister under conditions of anonymity.

Of course, much of the population and subsequent data from our latest census agreed with her speech.

Nonetheless, we heard that a “historic” deal was done between France and the United Kingdom to increase the number of officers on patrol by 40% to police the French coast.

But, as tick follows tock, nothing was and nothing will be done. It was just another cynical press release, to which we have become inured. It’s the constant lying that wears one down.  

Security and our borders though are not the only fields in which the British government has a plan in which we do not feature. The list is in fact nigh on endless.

However, as has become increasingly obvious, our educational establishment is diseased by a poisonous race and sex-based ideology that seeks to erase our past to better control our children’s minds and bodies in the future.

Where we used to teach children how to read, write and count, we now drill them to swear, attack and tear down.

Some students make it through unscathed, miraculously.

In due course, they will be the rock on which future generations rebuild the Jerusalem that we have seen destroyed before our eyes.

In the meantime, our heroes are fast becoming villains.

Churchill, representing a generation that we will never be able to emulate, is the target.

But is it surprising?

With Race and Biology, the twin gods of the United Kingdom’s civil service and Government, it is perhaps not an accident that the man who stood up to Mr Hitler the longest is now seeing his reputation falling precipitously.

Indeed, a recent poll by the Policy Exchange think tank found that only a fifth of British young people view Winston Churchill in a positive light.

Of course, once this gigantic historical figure is successfully de-platformed and his story erased, our teaching establishment will drive the final nail into the coffin of our cultural inheritance.

The centrally orchestrated Maoist-style cultural revolution will gather pace and turn its asinine and narcissistic gaze on every single historical personage, institution or book with which it disagrees.

Given that it as brutish and illiterate as it is self-loathing and self-righteous, it will roam across the land with the same élan as Cromwell demonstrated during the crushing of Catholic Ireland.

In short, the United Kingdom is on path to relive her Religious wars of yesteryear: They the Round Heads; we the Cavaliers.

If there are any doubts, let us ponder on the point that the Crown Prosecution Service – that is to say the State – argued in a recent case that the contents of the Bible should no longer be heard in public:

“There are references in the bible which are simply no longer appropriate in modern society and which would be deemed offensive if stated in public.”

Firstly, would the Crown Prosecution Service lawyers have dared say such a thing about any other religious texts, such as the Hindu Vedas, the Koran or Richard Dawkins’ latest pulp fiction?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Secondly, the Home Office proposed that the book which underpinned our fundamental existential philosophy over millennia and the building stone on which these Islands grew to become the guiding light of temperance, freedom and pragmatic common-sense should be cast on the pyre to make way for officialised insanity.

Unfortunately, our political landscape offers no solace.

After twelve years of so-called Conservative rule, the Culture wars are in full swing, our police “service” an objective embarrassment and a subjective mess, our discourse depressingly orthodox, our families broken and our coffers bare.

The Conservative Party cannot and will not solve the problem we are facing.

They can’t because they believe that international law supersedes local considerations

They also believe, having detached themselves from their natural habitat, that being Progressive means being acceptable.

God forbid, they were being caught “trying to turn the clocks back” – something that most with an ounce of honesty and objectivity would hanker for in a flash.

The trouble is that, like Sirens, until recently, they still knew how to sing seductive songs.

However, we, having tied ourselves to the mast, now see them for what they always truly were.

They aided and abetted successive acts of moral, constitutional and financial vandalism on the country.

On the Labour side, unfortunately, things are probably much worse.

Keir Starmer cannot tell us what a woman is but is asking people to believe he might be the right person to represent us on the Global stage and solve immigration, inflation, debt, the police, rape gangs and more.

He is seconded by Emily Thornberry, among others, proud owner of three houses in her own words. She believes that empty houses should be seized by the State.

The implication of this policy is huge. Such a law would be open to abuse, with the definition of “empty” resting in the hands of people, whose views of the world are totally at odds with those of the broad population of this country.

It would mean that any property bought would never be truly owned and subject to the whims of, on today’s evidence, unhinged Race & Gender-obsessed bureaucrats.

While the Conservative Party can and should be attacked for having lied to us about their intent, the Labour Party must be examined for what it proposes and who leads them.

Few of their frontbenchers instil any confidence. For those for whom the Culture wars and our increasing financial destitution among other things are an issue, it is very unlikely that Labour will be the party to soothe such anxieties.

The irony of course is that most Brits want simple things. They do not want to change the country they love. They want, to paraphrase Edmund Burke, to bestow on their grandchildren the country their inherited from their grandfathers.

Our government is completely at odds with these simple aspirations.

They have a plan in which we only feature when it comes to financing their self-regarding, self-destructive policies through our taxes. 

In short, we are paying for the privilege of seeing the country we love dismantled bit by bit. For how much longer? That is the question.

Alex Story is Head of Business Development at a City broker working with Hedge Funds and other financial institutions. He stood for parliament in 2005, 2010 and 2015. In 2016, he won the right to represent Yorkshire & the Humber in the European Parliament. He didn’t take the seat.