The Era of Revelation

BY ALEX STORY We live in the era of revelation. In earlier times, politicians hid their scorn from us, the people, behind smiles, heartfelt assurances and thick curtains. Betraying your country was, whilst par for the course, something that needed to be done discreetly. On the 13th December 2007, for instance, Gordon Brown, signed the Lisbon Treaty, the revamped and rejected European Constitution, alone and … Continue reading The Era of Revelation

Localism is Best?

BY PHIL DEEKS Imagine a group of countries, each with varying histories and cultures (some linked, some not), each with distinct economies (some developed, some not) and each with their own domestic concerns. Is it wise for them to follow the same monetary and social policies as each other? I posed this question on Twitter to a follower group of a left/liberal bent. 85% of … Continue reading Localism is Best?

Red, White & Blue

BY MANDY BALDWIN In our common struggle against those waning Globalists who deny our unique identities, it’s vital that we remember genuine friendships between nations. We may have a network of relationships around the globe, but for Britain, our defining friendships are with France and the USA, representing Europe and the Anglosphere respectively. Much of the American Constitution is rooted in Magna Carta, first declaration … Continue reading Red, White & Blue