Haircut in Hong Kong

BY ROGER WATSON One of my favourite places to stay in Hong Kong is ‘The Y”. This is the YMCA Hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong harbour. Sitting next to the unaffordable (for me!) Peninsula it offers the same views and the same convenience as its more prestigious neighbour but at less than half the price. Before you have … Continue reading Haircut in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Dominates China’s 70th

BY MEI LIN CHAN The first of October 2019 will mark the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China and Beijing is pulling out all stops for a day replete with fireworks, fanfares and a huge military parade.  To ensure all goes smoothly, authorities have been ramping up security in the capital (and online) for weeks. During rehearsals for a military … Continue reading Hong Kong Dominates China’s 70th

Is calling a Westerner a 鬼佬 Gwei Lo offensive?

BY ANASTASIA CHOO A recent court case filed by a British worker (with dual Australian citizenship), Francis William Haden, against Leighton Contractors (Asia) for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination has ignited much debate and outrage from some quarters on Chinese social media. Haden claims he was referred to as “Gwei Lo” and excluded from projects and prevented from hiring fellow Australians to work on a … Continue reading Is calling a Westerner a 鬼佬 Gwei Lo offensive?

Hong Kong 20 Years On

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The 1st of July marks the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain back to its motherland, China. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government has organised an array of celebrations to run on the theme of “Together, Progress, Opportunity.”  The $640 million HK dollars taxpayer funded extravaganza is to show the world how successful ‘one country, two systems’ has … Continue reading Hong Kong 20 Years On

Pointless Comparisons

BY JIM BROWNE Fake news is not difficult to spot. Most of the links that present it in the first place lead you to a site that looks like it’s been put together by dyslexic sixth-formers. Even if a story seems credible, it doesn’t take long to do a Google News Search or cross-reference it against a reliable news gathering source. Distinguishing between what is … Continue reading Pointless Comparisons

Letter From Hong Kong

BY ANASTASIA CHOO The Royal Yacht Britannia sailed into Hong Kong harbour flanked by a flotilla of local boats, with two Royal Navy Sea King helicopters circling overhead…she was on her final voyage.  After much pomp and ceremony displayed by the People’s Republic of China, Prince Charles and Governor Chris Patten boarded the Britannia during the early hours of 1st July 1997 to make their … Continue reading Letter From Hong Kong