BY DEBORAH JANE NICHOLAS I understand the reasons why people stable their horses, especially over winter. I have done it myself. It’s actually very convenient to roll up to the yard and have a horse all ready to tack up. It saves time on hiking out to the paddock, washing muddy legs and slipping off filthy rugs. Grooming can be completed relatively quickly also, especially … Continue reading Stabling

How to Get into Hunting

BY ANNA BOWEN I first went hunting ten years ago, on a grey day in late October, riding a four year old piebald mare bought from gypsies. I fell in love with the sport several weeks later, crossing the ethereal uplands of North Carmarthenshire, following the shaggy hounds of the Towy and Cothi. The obsession was inevitable, as Dire Straits sing the dice was loaded … Continue reading How to Get into Hunting