Why Owning a Horse Could Be a Good Idea

For many of us, the idea of owning a pet is a fairly obvious way of getting more out of life. Yet, far fewer people consider getting a horse of their own than those that get a cat or a dog. While this might not be the right type of animal for everyone, there are still some very good reasons why owning a horse is something worth considering.

Exercise and Fresh Air

If you want to get more fresh air and lead a healthier, outdoors life then there are plenty of ways of doing this. Getting a horse is one of the best of them, as it gives you a powerful reason for getting out and out often.

Even if you have someone who looks after your animal for you most of the time, taking him for rides or for walks will still give you a fun way of keeping fit now and then. Of course, if you do it all yourself then cleaning him and grooming him will give you immense pleasure as well as a new way to exercise.

When it comes to riding a horse, this activity brings benefits such as increasing fitness and strength. This also helps you to increase your co-ordination and balance, while the average person may burn off up to 700 calories per hour while out riding.

The Social Aspect

There are lots of people who love horses and who are keen to meet other people who feel the same way. You can easily extend your social circle by looking for the likes of riding clubs near you. If you live in the UK, you should find a riding club near you without too many problems.

These clubs will typically run several events a year and it could be an introduction to the world of competitive racing if that interests you. If you dream of winning the likes of the Grand National or the TwinSpires Kentucky Derby then getting going in this way will let you find out how the racing scene works.

On the other hand, if you only want to enjoy the social aspect of horse ownership, this is fine too. You will meet plenty of other owners who are happy to share their passion for the hobby with you. 

The Mental Health Benefits

Research has shown that owning any type of animal can be good for our mental health, as they help to lower stress and anxiety levels. Pet owners run a lower risk of depression and can enjoy a wider social circle thanks to their relationship with an animal.

When it comes to horses, spending time with them has been seen to be particularly beneficial for teenagers and other young people.

One theory is that grooming the horse can help us to slow down and to unwind while feeling the benefits of a close connection with the animal. There are many other activities you could under-take with your horse to feel similar stress-busting benefits. 

The Bottom Line

The cost of owning a horse and the work needed to look after him are two of the main factors that put people off the idea of doing this.

Yet, owning a horse doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might fear, while the work can be enjoyable and rewarding if approached in the right way.

Some horse owners do it for the money, as horse racing is a highly lucrative sport for anyone who is successful at it. Yet, for most other people it is simply an enjoyable hobby that can bring a number of interesting benefits to them over the years.