Jesus, Marx & Greta

BY DAVID EYLES Those of us conservatives, who sit on our park benches and watch and observe the political world go by – scurrying hither and thither, forming allegiances and breaking them up again in their enormous, squabbling rats’ nest – have noticed a strange alliance that has formed in recent years. The Labour Party has almost completely abandoned its Jewish MPs – most have … Continue reading Jesus, Marx & Greta

Satan’s Socialist Succubi

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN When Lucifer fell from Heaven, he took 2400 evil angels with him. When they arrived at Hell, there were eleven princes of Hell, commanding 6,660,000 demons each. Jesus so infuriated Lucifer. While the world was still a charnel house scarred by war and disease – Lucifer measuring his wicked conquests in blood and pain – Jesus’ insistence on secularism and his making … Continue reading Satan’s Socialist Succubi

A Prayer for the Mentally Ill

VICAR For the first time in my Country Squire Magazine career, I have received a prayer request (and, please, Dear Readers, send as many requests as You wish by using the contact page of the website). The request came from Andrew Moody, who writes film reviews for the magazine. Andrew describes himself thus: “Andrew Moody attended the top non-private grammar school in the UK and … Continue reading A Prayer for the Mentally Ill

Prayer For Those In Debt

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, We are not too far from Christmas. While this may seem like good news to most, to many Christmas is a time when their already-stretched budgets are expanded to the point where they crack. Their children may be asking for presents they cannot afford. Their partner may be discussing how a relative is having turkey and ham when … Continue reading Prayer For Those In Debt