Mexico’s Shameful Circus Animal Bloodbath

BY NIGEL BEAN Please spare a thought for the Mexican trainer Nicky Fuentes Ziccolonee (in the photos below) and her beautiful tigers, most of which are now dead. What follows below, from our Mexican friends, is the story of Mexican Circus animals and what happened after the ill thought out Mexican Circus Animals ban: What happened to the animals of Mexican Circuses after the ban? … Continue reading Mexico’s Shameful Circus Animal Bloodbath

Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban 

BY JOHN NASH A report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting June 29, 2022: If you wander into a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting (APPGBTH), you may be forgiven for thinking you have wandered into the Mos Eisley cantina in Star Wars…it is a smug, tinfoil-hat group of cranks and zealots who suffer from a bizarre, … Continue reading Trophy Hunting & Britain: The Case for a Ban 

Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

BY STEWART SLATER Returning to Babylon from India, Alexander the Great marched his army through the Gedrosian Desert. Taking longer than expected, food began to run short, and water ran out. When it appeared that the glorious story of conquest would come to a tragic end under the baking Persian sun, some scouts returned to the army announcing the discovery of an oasis. As proof, … Continue reading Why We Should Encourage Downing Street Partying

COP 26, Muirburn & Packham’s Odd Little Moment

BY DAVID EYLES In the closing days of the COP26 gathering of World leaders in Glasgow last month, the deliberations of our political masters were assessed by BBC Presenter Chris Packham in this video. Clearly, Mr Packham is disappointed with the results that emerged from the great and the good, who collected in their fleets of private planes and limousines. In many ways, we cannot … Continue reading COP 26, Muirburn & Packham’s Odd Little Moment

Pinocchio Packham Strikes Again

From The Countryside Alliance yesterday: “BBC presenter and activist Chris Packham found himself engulfed in a social media storm this week, after being called out publicly for making incorrect claims on Twitter about veganism in the UK. In an extraordinary tweet , Mr. Packham brazenly claimed: “So half a million people have signed up to veganuary to reduce their food-related carbon footprint by 73 per … Continue reading Pinocchio Packham Strikes Again

Cutting Through the Noise

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN There is too much noise. Too much dissembling going on. And there are too many lies by politicians and in the media. Take the example of last night’s Cooper bill which was passed by one vote. The #FBPE crowd were cock-a-hoop. Yet this bill cannot prevent a no deal Brexit. The Cooper bill necessitates our Prime Minister asking the European Council for … Continue reading Cutting Through the Noise

Europe & Deception

BY JAMIE FOSTER A secret document, FCO 30/1048 has been declassified after 30 years, and has exposed what was predicted about the future of the EU. The document, written by a senior civil servant, correctly predicts that the EU will involve ever greater monetary and political union, It further predicts that community law will take precedence over our law and that people will feel alienated … Continue reading Europe & Deception