Lost in Translation

SUB EDITOR Why is it that when this magazine runs an article about the trans community there are always dozens of unpleasant and infantile communications in the days that follow? The magazine is used to receiving abuse from hunt saboteurs and members of the public who disagree with articles we publish. But why is the torrent of abuse from trans people by far the worst … Continue reading Lost in Translation

Spreading Muck

BY JIM WEBSTER I came across this almost certainly apocryphal story. Apparently a town gets its first 5G phone mast. Almost immediately all sorts of people develop medical conditions. A protest group against the mast is formed. The local council arrange a public meeting and bring in the representatives of the company that erected the mast. In it everybody is waving their doctors notes and … Continue reading Spreading Muck

Festive Malicious Communications

BY NIGEL BEAN & PAUL READ Peace and goodwill to all men or so the Christmas saying goes. And in keeping with this tradition of warmth and compassion, this Christmas This is Hunting UK put out on their Facebook page a glad tiding reminding their followers to think of hunt staff and unpaid helpers at this time of year: “In recognition of all those who … Continue reading Festive Malicious Communications