A Prayer for the Investigators

VICAR Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, this week I would like to focus on the unsung heroes who spend their days working for law enforcement, going through photos and videos of child abuse in order to catch perpetrators. This may seem like a very specific prayer. Indeed it is. I met with one of these gentlemen this week and I could see by the … Continue reading A Prayer for the Investigators

What’s in a Word?

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND To make sense of the way the western world is at the moment one simply must understand the core tenet in Neomarxist postmodernism that ‘everything is political’. And when these activists say EVERYTHING, they mean EVERYTHING – and that includes language itself. For these zealots have assigned all manner of twisted meanings to words that you are most likely unaware of. The … Continue reading What’s in a Word?