The Four Thousand Bagger

BY PHLEGYAS As we watch private equity companies bid for Morrisons’ supermarket, the Chinese buy up Cambridge University by pumping cash and professors into the Colleges and the Church of England abandon its clergy and college-based training in favour of 10,000 lay-led churches , we received this investment report from our favourite City analyst, Tapyer Nose.     BUY recommendation for YIPPEE! the special purpose acquisition company … Continue reading The Four Thousand Bagger

Scottish Election Victory Speech

BY PHLEGYAS On this historic day, I stand before you to make a commitment – a commitment that I’ve been wanting to fulfil all my life  – and even before. Scotland will be independent! We will break asunder the bonds of the Act of Union! We will become separate from the Constitution and institutions of the United Kingdom at Westminster! We will stand tall and … Continue reading Scottish Election Victory Speech