The National Memorial Arboretum

BY ROGER WATSON I made my first visit to the National Armed Forces Memorial at the Arboretum in Staffordshire this week. The memorial, opened in 2001 and run by The Royal British Legion but funded by an independent charity, exists to commemorate members of the armed forces who have died since 1948. Since that date there have been over 16,000 deaths in over 50 conflicts … Continue reading The National Memorial Arboretum

Please, No Poppy Fights in 2019

CSM EDITORIAL Brexiteers have no monopoly on Britishness. On paper Brexiteers are as British as Continuity Remain – they simply lack the same sense of loyalty to the EU that continuity remainers claim to have. The “Britishness” battle that goes on every day on social media is a dumb one – one that is best avoided in the interests of people just getting on. Similarly, … Continue reading Please, No Poppy Fights in 2019

White Whine

BY JAMIE FOSTER Piers Morgan and a peace campaigner, Symon Hill, crossed metaphorical swords on Good Morning Britain when the campaigner went on to discuss Remembrance Day. Morgan asked him if he would like to remember Nazi soldiers and ISIS fighters and whether World War Two was justified. The segment was aired following a St Johns Ambulance decision to allow its volunteers to wear white … Continue reading White Whine

FIFA Poppy Furore

BY DOMINIC WIGHTMAN The current “Poppy Furore” surrounding the England-Scotland game at Wembley on Armistice Day 2016, (on the 11th of November, the day when Britain traditionally remembers its war dead) is farcical. FIFA – the world governing body of football – deems political logos or messages on national football shirts to be against the spirit of the game, so the well-meaning gesture of putting … Continue reading FIFA Poppy Furore