A (Partial) Defence of Prince Harry

BY STEWART SLATER There are some things it is better not to know about. High on the list is the condition of princely penises, properly a matter of import only to their owners and possibly but not certainly (given the long history of unsuccessful royal marriages) their spouses. But if Prince Harry has chosen to bare his sausage as well as his soul in his … Continue reading A (Partial) Defence of Prince Harry

Harrying Harry

BY JOHN NASH The civilised world is up in arms because, according to the English translation of the leaked Spanish edition of Prince Harry’s ghost written book, Spare, and of course according to whoever wrote it, Harry said that in six missions as a donkey walloper (Cavalryman, but riding an Apache gunship) in the Afghan Graveyard of Empires, he killed 25 enemy fighters.  “It wasn’t … Continue reading Harrying Harry

Naked Outrage

BY JOHN NASH Being refined and civilised people of excellent taste, most readers of CSM are probably yet blissfully unaware that a tsunami of bile erupted not long ago among the inhabitants of that strange metaphysical country called Social Media, that place ceramic-toothed, tattooed moderns, Siamese twins of their telephonic apparati, use instead of intelligence.  This particular brouhaha concerned the very excellent and highly entertaining … Continue reading Naked Outrage

Regina V King Mismatch

CSM EDITORIAL It seems surprising given all the coverage of Meghan Markle’s bullying and her interview with American TV Host Oprah Winfrey that not more questions are being asked about those who fixed Markle up with Harry in the first place, and why their relationship is now being weaponized by them. What involvement did former US President Barack Obama have? Was the suggestion of the … Continue reading Regina V King Mismatch

In Defence of Prince Harry

BY PAUL T HORGAN Prince Harry has been in the news quite a lot, and the media seem to be in the process of casting him as the latest incarnation of the dissolute minor royal, a cause of embarrassment to the monarchy, perhaps even calling the monarchy into question. T’was ever thus. This is unfair. Harry has spent his adult life being overshadowed by his older … Continue reading In Defence of Prince Harry