Regina V King Mismatch


It seems surprising given all the coverage of Meghan Markle’s bullying and her interview with American TV Host Oprah Winfrey that not more questions are being asked about those who fixed Markle up with Harry in the first place, and why their relationship is now being weaponized by them.

  • What involvement did former US President Barack Obama have?
  • Was the suggestion of the relationship actually an idea dreamt up by Gayle King, the best friend of Oprah Winfrey?
  • Do Obama, Winfrey and King have a dislike of the British Monarchy for political reasons?
  • What do Obama, Winfrey and King think of Saul Alinsky?
  • Why are they weaponizing Markle now against the British Monarchy, or was that their plan all along?
  • Focusing on relationships, is King in a relationship with Winfrey?
  • Why are celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg requesting an apology from the Queen? And who is corralling these celebrities against the British Monarchy and why?
  • Since Prince Philip went into hospital, the attacks from these US celebrities have escalated. Why?

The emerging bullying evidence against Markle has been around, albeit under wraps, for quite some time. It seems there is plenty more to surface from where the current bullying reports emanate. It’s a shame that Harry has been dragged into such a contrived mess. He can hardly blame the British press for his wife’s antics. Given his sterling past efforts for Queen and country, it seems a shame that he has been duped into being weaponized against them. We all make mistakes.

Back here in Britain the view of Markle is a progressively unfavourable one. Is she still a minor royal? Who cares? The British public sees through deceptions – ask Jeremy Corbyn – and can easily distinguish acting from reality. It seems to feel some pity for ‘kidnapped’ Harry. The divorce rate in England and Wales runs at 33.3% – rather than throw stones like Winfrey, most understand how a decent and malleable lad like Harry could have been erroneous in his first choice of spouse. Most wish him well with his pregnant wife and their child – away from the Royal family, of course.

Ms Gayle King

Meanwhile many Americans have no idea why We Brits love our monarchy. For they still cannot see from our perspective why having a President would be such a liability. They should try really hard to look at themselves. They should see what we see from across the pond – lunatic, lying and senile Presidents are a dreadful burden on a nation. They are also an expensive alternative to a monarch. Our Queen happens to be dignified and loved – she has hardly put a foot wrong during her reign covering thirteen flawed US Presidents, some of whom were truly dire. A succession of flawed Prime Ministers and more than a thousand years of history reminds us Brits that it is best to keep a flawed species – politicians – on a short leash and replaceable.

As for the British view of Oprah Winfrey, she may be yet more disturbed to learn that her show was watched by one man and her dog here in Britain – it was perceived as cheap and lightweight filler sandwiched between Cash in the Attic and Neighbours – a chance to mow the lawn. No one really noticed it concluded some time ago. Certainly, few have heard of Gayle King. Obama is considered by the British – away from Twitter – as a failed US President who promised ‘We Can’ and so obviously couldn’t. Whoopi Goldberg was quite famous at the time of Ghost and Sister Act but seems to have gone somewhat loopy since – these days she’s as nutty as Miriam Margolyes and, frankly, should butt out of British business and head back to her convent for a rethink.

The hypocrisy of Goldberg (married thrice), Winfrey (never married) and divorced Gayle King putting their beaks into the marriage of the Sussexes is manifest for all to see. If they really meant from the get-go to weaponize this couple against the British monarchy, they have failed miserably. Their momentum is nil. They have misread British public opinion as badly as Black Lives Matter – calling British dislike of Markle racist, as Winfrey and her assorted pythonesses have done, is projecting the American racism problem onto a British public that is on the whole an exemplar and streets ahead when it comes to racial tolerance.

There was a lot of talk about an Oprah Winfrey Presidency last year. Thank God we Brits do not have to put up with autocue-reading chat show hosts or reality TV stars running for President here. God forbid! That, as long as we never have the need for a President and suitably preserve our monarchy, Jeremy Kyle and Chatty Man shall know their place and stay well clear of British political life.

American progressives can line up as many muppets as they like to attack the Royal Family. However hard they try to equalise everybody, they will not lay a finger on the British monarchy, which generally serves our country well, and cost-effectively.

God Save the Queen. God help our beloved American cousins both see through and get through their current political malaise. These days they are so burdened by ignorant and meddling celebrities, none more hypocritical than those who call themselves ‘progressive’ and ‘democrat’ while lounging in their secure compounds, quaffing champagne – often a mere stone’s throw from Skid Row. They may have sway over there in the States. Over here on these isles, they are seen increasingly as mere caricatures – as carriers of a rather foul and repulsive hot air.