On the Durham Report

BY DANIEL JUPP The Hillary Clinton campaign invented a conspiracy that didn’t exist to try and get a rival presidential candidate defeated. They then falsified ‘evidence’ by paying a former foreign spy to create a dossier. The heads of the FBI and CIA knew it was all an invention and not real. They met with departing President Obama and presented a report detailing that this … Continue reading On the Durham Report

Regina V King Mismatch

CSM EDITORIAL It seems surprising given all the coverage of Meghan Markle’s bullying and her interview with American TV Host Oprah Winfrey that not more questions are being asked about those who fixed Markle up with Harry in the first place, and why their relationship is now being weaponized by them. What involvement did former US President Barack Obama have? Was the suggestion of the … Continue reading Regina V King Mismatch

A Message to The Left

BY JORDAN ROGERS An interesting question posed to me earlier was this: “Is reactionary thought spreading like wildfire, or is it just suddenly more vocal?” It’s a thought-provoking enquiry, but not one that holds much importance. The real question is this: “With the prominence of the right, how will the left respond?” On the U.S. front, the Republicans control both the House and the Senate (albeit … Continue reading A Message to The Left

“Ice Age” is Here

BY ALEXIA JAMES Fighting Global Warming tends to be government policy in most nations these days. We are told to recycle as much as we possibly can and save energy to limit our carbon emissions which are fatally destroying the ozone layer and the future of the planet. Billions are spent globally fighting climate change. There are numerous think tanks, scientific research centres and whole … Continue reading “Ice Age” is Here