Why Us?


In the last weeks two events either side of the Atlantic have had family and friends asking me why?

The first matter that had us scratching our heads was Jeremy Corbyn in the UK’s reinstatement of anti-Semitic Ilyas Aziz.

The second matter was John Kerry’s speech in which he, in his capacity as the top diplomat for the United States of America, officially declared that the only functioning democracy in the Middle East and the United States’ best ally in the region, Israel, must choose between its Jewish heritage and democracy. This as he attempted to explain and justify the Obama administration’s decision not to veto a one-sided U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israel.

To those mad at Corbyn, what do you expect from Britain’s embarrassing anti-Semitic Far Left?

To those mad at John Kerry for the speech and at President Obama for the resolution: why would it be otherwise? When there are no consequences (professors get tenure, politicians don’t care about any more elections), it would be irrational for the Left not to be anti-Semitic.

We Jews are the representation of all they hate.

Is your group wealthier and less incarcerated than others?

Racist conspiracy.

Do you believe in maintaining your ethnic majority in your homeland?

Open racist.

It’s obvious to them that much of the white over-representation meant to be fixed by affirmative action is caused mostly and sometimes fully by the Jews – just take a look at corporate boards, Wall Street, the Ivy League, top graduate programmes.

Among today’s billionaires, white Christians are not over-represented at all. The Jews are over-represented by at least 1,200%.

Most people would put down such discrepancies to success.

To the Left, there’s no such thing as success: one group doing better than others is proof of mistreatment. They feel they need to attack success with their equality laser.

The wealth (savings + assets) gap between Jews and Christians is twenty times greater than the wealth gap between men and women.

If the mere fact that a gap exists between men and women without any further discussion proves that our society is sexist, why wouldn’t a much greater gap prove The Jewish Conspiracy?

To the Left Israel is evil because it provides a higher quality of life to its people than any of its neighbours, it has a massively more powerful military, it is #3 in the world in college degrees and #1 in graduate degrees, #1 per capita in medical and hi-tech patents.

Israel is also unashamed in its desire to maintain a large Jewish majority.

Why wouldn’t the Left hate Israel?

A change in American leadership is coming on January 20th. And clearly it is much needed.

As for Corbyn … frankly, who cares? He’ll be fighting for his safe Labour seat in Islington in 2020 and it’s worth placing a bet at the bookies that he’ll lose it.

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  1. The Israelis continue to be the leading light in dealing with counter Islamist extremism and terrorism. Lots to be learned.

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