Whitehall: The Self-Preserving, Incompetent Master of Us All

THE CITY GRUMP The list goes on. Whether it’s the chaotic NHS, the inflation and interest rate situation, the Afghanistan fiasco or 10 Downing Street partying the pandemic nights away, the guiding force behind these and countless other horrors for at least the last 70 years is Whitehall. You may wish to blame our elected politicians for all and sundry but, for the most part, … Continue reading Whitehall: The Self-Preserving, Incompetent Master of Us All

Your MP is a Delinquent

THE CITY GRUMP The dictionary defines a delinquent as someone who “is failing in or neglectful of a duty or obligation”. The conduct of your MP in 2021 almost certainly fits that bill. Why? Because on just about every  single important domestic issue, be it Covid, the NHS, energy, inflation or education your MP has done the square root of nothing in holding the Government to … Continue reading Your MP is a Delinquent

Nudging Our Lives Away

THE CITY GRUMP This week a public-spirited “leaker” shone a light on the secretive world of the Whitehall Nudge Units when we learnt that the Behavioural Insights Unit (the official term for Nudge) want shoppers to be hit with a meat tax in order to help the environment. Also the nudgers are advocating the increase of the “relative availability” of plant-based food. Indeed children could … Continue reading Nudging Our Lives Away