War on Y

BY FRANK HAVILAND Most people have the good taste not to know what gender means anymore, but it wasn’t always the case. When I was at primary school 30 years ago, most kids could accurately identify the contents of their pants. On one solitary occasion, a boy famously strayed into the girls’ toilets, and was thereafter accorded the sort of hushed respect usually reserved for … Continue reading War on Y

The Judgment – Time to Crow or Wait for Doves?

BY JAMIE FOSTER The Supreme Court has issued its judgment – 8-3 – in favour of MPs being given the opportunity to vote on triggering Art 50. While I have the greatest respect for our independent judiciary, and while I have yet to read the judgment, it fascinates me to imagine that it could in anyway put the genie back in the bottle. As many of … Continue reading The Judgment – Time to Crow or Wait for Doves?

50 Articles of Faith

BY JAMIE FOSTER We have reached a moment in history where it remains a mystery whether going to extremes is a voluntary action or an inevitable, equal and opposite reaction. It would appear clear that when the waves are crashing under our feet the best we can do is have faith in the Captain and the Boson. If one can’t tell one’s sparrows from one’s … Continue reading 50 Articles of Faith

Laughter & Forgetting

BY JAMIE FOSTER There was always a danger when our highest court was called Supreme a time would come when we would have to discover whether a court can be both supreme and independent. A group of parliamentarians is currently lobbying the government to put off that moment and not to appeal a high court’s view, presumably in case a higher court takes a decision … Continue reading Laughter & Forgetting