Punished For Truth Telling

BY EFFIE DEANS A woman studying at Abertay University has been disciplined for saying that women were born with female genitals and that it was a fact that women were generally less strong than men. This means that she has been disciplined for telling the truth. It would be interesting to find out about the political views of those who complained and those who judged … Continue reading Punished For Truth Telling

Education or Indoctrination?

BY TARQUIN SUTHERLAND An education in the facts about how we as a species continue to reproduce was once in the realms of Science and Biology. Those days are now quickly being brushed under the educational carpet as the Government succumbs to the LGBTQ lobby and lumps everything under the heading of ‘Health and Relationships’. Now, nobody seriously doubts that a certain amount of lesson … Continue reading Education or Indoctrination?