Education or Indoctrination?


An education in the facts about how we as a species continue to reproduce was once in the realms of Science and Biology. Those days are now quickly being brushed under the educational carpet as the Government succumbs to the LGBTQ lobby and lumps everything under the heading of ‘Health and Relationships’.

Now, nobody seriously doubts that a certain amount of lesson time should be given over to discussing relationships in the modern world and that people come in all shapes and sizes. That seems perfectly reasonable. But what is being offered up now isn’t a healthy discussion between teenage kids who are already sexually aware (if not active). No – we are now talking about 4 and 5 year olds being confronted with complex issues that veer into the realms of the political and philosophical.

It’s the Q and the T, as ever, that appear to be driving this narrative push for indoctrination. Both the Q and the T are Neomarxist inventions – all wrapped up in post-structuralist thinking and Critical Theory (not to be confused with critical thinking).

So, at the tender age of just 4 or 5, tiny British children are going to have their heads pumped full of toxic disinformation: that boys can have periods, that girls might be in possession of a penis. Pretty much everything we have come to accept about homosexuality over the last couple of decades is predicated in the notion of ‘born this way’. And no-one seriously doubts that this is indeed the overriding case in the majority of homosexuals. Most people are very much accepting of the alternative lifestyle. As soon as you touch the Q though – in their view, things and people can be ‘queered’. Theirs is a lens through which they insist we view the world – we must cast relationships into the Neomarxist melting pot or we are bigots.

However, some months and years down the line, we are now at a stage where a sizeable number of lesbians, gay men and transsexuals are speaking out about transgenderism and it’s de facto ‘conversion therapy’ of all those who are #LTBG (that’s ‘likely to be gay’). Less are aware of the infantilisation of some poor kids through use of puberty blockers. The backlash grows with high profile individuals like tennis legend Martina Navratilova speaking out against the sheer absurdity of physical males being allowed to compete against those born female – such interventions are spanners in their wheels.

As the LGBTQ bandwagon slowly unravels, stories are now emerging about the Tavistock Clinic, and how major charities such as Stonewall – responsible in the past for making great gains for the LGB community back when they really needed it – now seem to have abandoned their original objective in favour of pushing the pseudo-religious nonsense of ‘intersectionality’. Instead of pushing for gay rights they are now promoting the ridiculous – like that ‘transwomen are real women’. They did not expect the resistance they now meet.  More and more people are beginning to feel empowered enough to speak out – though doing so will be met with all the usual accusations of being ‘phobic’ about something or other. As the wheels come off for Team Intersectionality, the drive to indoctrinate children – and the sooner the better – gathers pace. They know full well they are in a fight that could end their power and influence.

No one seriously cares these days about whether someone may or may not be gay – and that seems a fair place for society to have ended up. But the gravy trains simply MUST be kept rolling and after gay marriage legislation was passed, instead of packing up the tent and moving on with their lives, the ideologues and zealots needed another narrative line to push – enter transgenderism – and Queer Theory.

Queer theory allows for heterosexual couples to get their right-on rainbow sticker – all it takes is for the woman to self-identify as a ‘man’ and hey presto! They are a gay couple. A man changes gender and his wife stays with him? Voila! A Lesbian couple. Now this is all pretty confusing for adults, let alone children – and especially little children. Confusing is how Team Intersectionality likes it. Resist and you’re a bigot.

This is NOT about education – it is solely about indoctrination. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s a blatant power grab.

It seems now to be a fact that exposure to cross-gender presentation is the catalyst that sparks gender confusion and then gender dysphoria – and if this is the case, then the concerted efforts of the LGBTQ lobby for ‘drag queen story hour’ at the local library and these new sex and relationship ‘lessons’ in school appear to have been engineered to provoke and instantiate as much confusion about gender and sex as they possibly can. Parents simply don’t have a word they can say about it. Elder Non-Binary Sibling has spoken and Xir knows best.


The only recourse that parents have is to write to their MP and to the School Governors, and to eventually pull their kids out of such classes. To risk being called bigots by bigots. And in a show of tribal politics that shall haunt the Left forever more, it is Muslim parents that are leading the way on this, ironically. Expressions of Political Islam and LGBTQ rights make for odd bedfellows at the best of times, but the whole fetid carbuncle is about to pop it’s noxious societal pus all over the mirror being held up by those frankly moronic Leftists like Owen Jones who would, in any extremist Islamist nation on Earth, find himself being thrown off the top of the nearest multi-story building – or as the case is in Iran, having to undergo forced gender reassignment surgery.

It’s that last sentence that should send shivers up and down the spines of all that take the liberal notions of live and let live seriously – as it is in Iran that the world’s second highest number of SRS happens, after Thailand.

The constant drip-drip of people speaking out against transgender ideology is fast becoming a torrent, even many of those LGB people that once staunchly supported the organisations that once spoke on their behalf are now rejecting the Neomarxist narrative drive. And yet our Government continues its support – in the thrall of those groups that shout loudest and even enjoy funding through the Lottery (as is the case with the highly questionable Mermaids organisation).

What damage the Government is doing!

Pushing full steam ahead with a drive to indoctrinate our children and inculcate in them at the very earliest ages a queer transgender narrative is dangerous. Children will become anxious, confused, dysphoric and some will unnecessarily embark on a path to medical sterilisation.

The new Transnational Left as represented by the rainbow flag-waving fascists of LGBTQ International Inc. seek to indoctrinate children and convert them into a way of thinking that is fundamentally opposed to logic, reason, and Science. It’s no wonder the market for Home Schooling is going through the roof.

Wake up, Britain.