Socialist Hypocrisy & Nepotism


There is a special kind of hypocrisy practised by Marxists which is both commonplace and shocking. Take Corbyn’s son, Sebastian. He has a two bedroom East London apartment that cost him £162,500. It is ex Housing Association stock in a luxury block where other flats are going for £650,000. He rents his flat out on Airbnb. This is despite the Labour leadership being against Airbnb and against housing association stock being sold off. It is one rule for them and another that they wish to impose on the rest of us.

Sebastian Corbyn works as an advisor in John McDonnell’s office. This is commonplace nepotism in the Labour Party. Alongside Sebastian the following all have managed to find employment in various offices: John Precott’s son David in Corbyn’s office; Corbyn aide Andrew Murray’s daughter Laura is the Shadow Cabinet advisor; Far left MP Ronnie Campbell’s wife Deirdre is his caseworker; Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey’s wife Jackie Bate is office manager for her husband; Ian Lavery’s wife Hilary is secretary to her husband; Grahame Morris’s wife Michelle is his secretary; Kate Osamor’s son Ish is her “senior communications officer”; Shadow Justice Minister Yasmin Qureshi’s husband Nadeem Ashraf works for her; Dennis Skinner’s girlfriend Lois Blasenheim is his “executive secretary”; Shadow Commons Leader Valerie Vaz’s husband Paul Townsend works for her.

A sizeable list of Corbynistas who are all happy to employ family members in shameless acts of nepotism. Similarly despite being Marxists there is no end of property wealth in the upper echelons of Labour. John Lansman the head of The People’s Momentum sold his four storey property in Shoreditch last April for £1.5M making a profit of £800,000. Emily Thornbury lives in a property in Islington worth £2.9M. Her and her husband own two other properties, a £600,000 flat in Guilford in Surrey and a property in Clerkenwell  that was purchased from a Housing Association for £572,000 and is said to be worth £1.2M.

So why is it that the far Left finds it so easy to say one thing and practice another? They are constantly thinking up rules that other people are supposed to live their lives by but have no intention of following those rules themselves. It is remarkable that they feel so unencumbered by the things they preach. It is an age old story. Every time someone sets themselves up as holier than thou they turn out to have feet of clay. It is the same as a party that claims to have the high moral ground on racism being mired in anti-Semitism. The levels of hypocrisy are so high they are off the scale.

Labour is set against housing associations selling off their housing stock in the midst of a housing crisis. Despite this Corbyn’s own son and Emily Thornbury were keen to buy ex housing association stock due to the extreme bargains they were able to gain access to. Similarly Labour is set against Airbnb due to its effect on the housing situation. Despite this Sebastian Corbyn is happy to use Airbnb to make himself a lucrative little earner from his flat.

In the end it is important to call out these hypocrites. They seem to think there is no one out there who will ever call them to account. It is this sort of hypocrisy that turns ordinary voters off of politics. It creates the idea that people only get into politics to further their own interests. For all the impassioned talk that Labour is able to produce the reality is they are prepared to make the same lucrative decisions that they criticise in others.

At the moment the Labour Party is in some real difficulties. With MPs leaving to set up their own independent group due to the way the far left has behaved in running the party Labour has to look to itself and size up where it is. It needs to be as good as its word. A party that talks the talk but can’t walk the walk is not fit for purpose. It needs to weed out anti-Semites from the party but at the same time it also needs to weed out straight forward hypocrites. It is time that the party had a long serious look at itself and see what it stands for.  Given the situation it might not like what it sees.