Looking Back on British Universities

BY ROGER WATSON Welsh poet and playwright Dylan Thomas began ‘at the beginning’ in his famous play Under Milkwood. But when it comes to the present situation in British universities, it is very hard to know either where to start or how it all started. However, we know where we are. In the final months of 2021, we have had the terrible resignation from the … Continue reading Looking Back on British Universities

The Ideology of Failure

BY ANDREW MOODY When researching Stephen Pax Leonard, the author of the 2018 Conservative polemic The Ideology of Failure: How Europe Bought Into Ideas That Will Weaken and Divide It, I couldn’t find any reviews of the book. In my search however, I found articles from 2018 about Leonard’s unpaid Research position at Durham university being cancelled after he allegedly posted Antisemitic and Islamophobic tweets, … Continue reading The Ideology of Failure

Cancelling University Cancellers

BY STEPHEN PAX LEONARD The Government’s white paper on the freedom of speech crisis at British universities is to be welcomed as a step in the right direction. But, it does not go nearly far enough. Fining universities that de-platform speakers and giving academics an option to appeal beyond their employer hardly touches the surface. The Government needs to get to grips with a situation … Continue reading Cancelling University Cancellers