10 Reasons to Live in the Countryside


A survey was done recently of the British People. They were asked if they would prefer to live in a big city and 68% said no. This compares to the reality, that over 80% of Brits live in urban areas.



Here are 10 reasons why Countryside Living wins: 

Abundance of space. Unlike cities, where people live in congested areas with housing limited to apartments, the countryside offers us much more space within which to work, live and play.

Peace & Solitude. The dense urban landscape is overpopulated. In the countryside, one can live like a hermit if one so wishes. Or, be sociable – the choice exists.

Fresh Air. In a city, vehicles, factories, and other elements pollute the air, which can lead to asthma or other respiratory diseases. In contrast, the air in the countryside is much cleaner than that in a city, due to the absence of certain pollutants.

Countryside schools. Kids prefer to look out onto fields from their playgrounds than main roads full of vehicles belching out fumes. There is more space for games fields. Forest walks and outdoor expeditions are a daily part of countryside schools’ kids’ activities.

Village Pubs. Village pubs are still the pumping heart of Britain’s countryside. There is a strong bond of community felt there and many laughs to be had.

Social Life. The countryside offers a comfortable social milieu. In cities, one tends not to know neighbours, or wish to make acquaintance with neighbours. But in the countryside neighbours rush to help those in need and suffering emergencies.

Time to think & work effectively. The advance of technologies like Skype and email allow us to work remotely. The countryside is a good backcloth against which to work. It gives workers time to think, manage their day away from the stresses of a city and in a positive environment.

Fitness. Walking the dog or just going for a jog… what do you prefer…. criss-crossing loads of pollution-filled roads or walking out of your home and into the footpaths that pass through forests and rivers and fields.

Health Services. In countryside GP surgeries, one rarely has to wait long for an appointment. This compares with many cities’ health provisions which are stretched to breaking point and under great strain.

Nearness. No doubt cities have the theatres, cinemas, shops and economies which trump what is available in the countryside. The nearest city is never more than an hour’s drive or train ride away.