Magna Carta & All That


Our ability to hang Theresa May for treason was removed in 1998 by Tony Blair – a man so slippery he covered his tracks before he’d even made them.  Nevertheless, the law still allows us to imprison for life any person seeking ‘to move or stir any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom or any other country belonging to the sovereign.’

May’s fellow Remainer Philip Hammond confirmed that this law was alive, kicking, and ready for action as recently as 2014, when he threatened to use it against returning jihadis.  Not that he actually did so, you understand – that would have been a sensible use of power which saved British lives, and this is, after all, Philip Hammond we’re talking about. But this confirms, we have a case for consigning Appeaser Theresa to peer out like a depressed heron through a barred window at the Free Great Britain she worked against, for the rest of her natural life.

I think signing command of our military forces over to a hostile unelected central European empire rejected by the largest number of Britons ever to vote for anything in our entire history is just about covered by the Treason Act, don’t you?

In particular as this rejected empire is hostile to the very existence of NATO, which has for decades guaranteed no such empire has military force, and has, thanks to Jean Claude Juncker’s spectacular State Of The Union speech – a helpful case of ‘in vino veritas’ – now openly declared its intent to remove democracy from every European nation, enforce its control by all means available on any recalcitrant state, and place the entire miserable mess under command of one, almighty, unquestionable, and irremovable Leader. Ein Volk!  Ein Reich! Ein Fuhrer! Etc…

Just think about this: Theresa May wants Jean Claude Juncker to have the right to send British servicemen and women to their deaths.  Personally, I think this betrayal justifies military insurrection, but maybe that’s just me.

For more details of this dirty deal, I refer you to Colonel Richard Kemp.

Now consider – T May has combined this surrender to a continental dictatorship of those who should guard us against such monstrosities, with a clear intention to financially hamper us while providing said dictatorship with the financial means to fully militarise, by use of an unnecessary further payment by us of £20 billion, and with the sly agreement to have a prolonged period of ‘adjustment’ – in fact, remaining: de facto members but officially utterly powerless and voiceless, our democratic choice proven laughably futile.

This, by use of clever lawyers (the EU has many of them; as an instrument of government the Commission was designed by one of the lawyers responsible for legitimising the Holocaust) could potentially lead to those of us who made our brave declaration of independence being regarded as  ‘recalcitrant’, along with countries such as Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, which are already threatened with punitive action – the first three allies and brothers in arms when the 3rd Reich failed by force of arms to get the traction the 4th has by stealth.

The 4th Reich – because there is no longer any honest name for it – is already prepared to bankrupt, starve, and infest with dangerous lunatics from regions where the second best-selling book is Mein Kampf, every hapless nation it has annexed. With NATO undermined, and British forces no longer in independent existence, what is to stop them ordering British forces into action to control, not only aforesaid old allies, but British ‘rebels’ ?

The contempt and hatred for Britain, of British democracy, of Britain’s heritage, and of the British people, implicit in this action alone, is astounding.

But why would this be any surprise? Consider the facts.

T May is a representative of the Old Cameron Guard, a Europhile who rejected the very idea that Britain could stand alone as an independent entity.  To transfer power to her – Cameron’s third in command – was a travesty which occurred primarily because Boris Johnson, instead of stepping up to the plate, peddled away on his bike like a ten-year-old caught scrumping apples. I assume he panicked at the idea of missing out on the Cameron’s Christmas card.

With Boris out of the picture, T May then played the pity card, because Andrea Leadsom had claimed that, as a mother and grandmother, she had a stake in the future, and T May has no children.

Andrea, a lovely person who shoots from the heart rather than the hip, ‘offended’, at a period in history when offending anyone verbally is considered a greater crime than GBH.  With her at the helm, instead of T May, we would already be out into the world.

Since acceding to power, while squeaking of bold intentions to enable the vote she disagreed with, T May has dragged her heels over Leaving, undermining the Brexit vote, delaying at every turn, using an ill-timed, poorly fought, majority-weakening election as an excuse to restock the cabinet with Remainers, sighing, complying, conspiring to make Britain a laughing stock despite the perplexed view of everyone outside the EU that of course we will steam ahead when not shackled to a dying despotism – and reducing our courageous declaration of independence to an irritating bump in the road leading to the Superstate she actually craves.

Boris – now recovered from the jitters – and every other Conservative Brexiteer, know damned well that Theresa is a Quisling, slyly betraying Britain to the horror which has been opposed by the majority for centuries, and is opposed by the majority now.

But while shouting from the sidelines, none of them actually do anything to depose the Quisling. In fact, when soundly ticked off by Nanny, they meekly obey, putting party before country in a manner which they clearly believe will ensure that, in the event of nuclear holocaust, all that are left are cockroaches and Conservatives, but which fails to defend Britain against the biggest threat to our sovereignty since 1945.

This is utterly shameful. We are doubly betrayed. While Europe cries out against the imminent 4th Reich, we, whose people were the first to take a bold stand against it, are being forced back into the pen, our money, our military, our democratic will, all sacrificed, used as life-support for what would, without those things, die a natural death.

The Referendum of 2016 wasn’t a general election. It was a stark choice: do we want to exist as an independent nation, or do we want to cease to exist as anything other than a province of an empire which pretended to be a trading group?

We chose independent existence. Those who sought otherwise are not to be pandered to, any more than were those who flirted admiringly with the 3rd Reich.

There are people who quote Article 61 of Magna Carta as being the right to lawful rebellion. But I would refer to Article 45:  ‘We will appoint as justices, constables, sheriffs, or other officials, only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well’ – ‘other officials’ clearly encompassing MPs, who are by no means keeping well the law of the realm – which was decided by the people to mean, we leave the EU.

Not one single Remainer should be in any office in the current government, and every ‘constable, sheriff’ – and judge – should be proven to support the majority in this matter which ensures our survival as a sovereign entity. Brexit was our quiet, very British revolution – and after revolutions, the officials of the Old Guard are put out of office, not given a free hand to sneak us back into the fold and make us pay to reinforce the gates.

That purge must start at the top: Remainer May must go, her travesty of surrendering our defences to the 4th Reich must be stricken from the books, and we must walk away from the Beige Brussels Beast with our heads held high, or we have every right to remove her, by whatever means are necessary – no matter how hard she drums her kitten heels on the floor.