Victorian Values


For the love of God, what, if anything, goes on in Lily Allen’s head? In a long history of public idiocy, she has now said that the thousands and thousands of victims of Muslim grooming gangs – not Asian, Gentle Reader: let’s not racially insult men ranging from Native Americans to Gurkhas in our efforts to be Sharia-compliant – would have probably been raped anyway.



So that’s OK, then.

In response to the collective howl of outrage from the sane, Labour MP Jess Phillips called Allen an “inspiration”. Now if by ‘inspiration’ Phillips meant ‘to acid reflux’ or even ‘to public lynching’ then I’d stand in her corner, but no, she fully concurs with Silly Lily that these little girls are, essentially, worthless dross to be used by savages and thrown away like crusty paper handkerchiefs.


If ever anything calls out the sickening hypocrisy of the Left, and those who continue to support them, in the grisliest way, it is their willingness to sacrifice – literally, in a physical sense – little white girls to their nightmare vision of ‘diversity’ for which purpose Labour MP Naz Shah agreed they should “shut their mouths”.

Many years ago, I read a collection of letters sent within Victorian gentlemen’s clubs: you know, in the days when lounging wastrels could click their fingers and a serf would come scuttling to deliver a conversational exchange of notes slightly faster than I can now upload to Gab. One such chortling toff wrote to his friend of the previous evening’s fun: raping a ten-year-old East End child and then – he clearly thought, rather nobly – paying her.

“I thought it better that I should broach the little c*** for half-a-crown than it should be taken later by some coster-monger’s boy without payment,” he explained, and then went on to claim the moral high-ground further by describing his victim as being so evidently physically immature that at least he wouldn’t have left her with a child, as might have been the case had he raped, say, a thirteen-year-old.

Please point out any difference in basic attitude between this long-dead rapist, and the aforementioned Left Wing ‘feminists’, because for the life of me, I can’t find any.

Meanwhile Toby Young – who I previously thought just irritating but who I now consider to be an irritating moral coward – has resigned in the face of Left Wing outrage about previous ‘sexist’ comments (and there were 250,000 attempted hits on porn sites at the Houses of Parliament) which have brought the Lib Elite to frothing point.

During the era in which ‘gentlemen’ prided themselves on giving petty remuneration for rape of those they considered little more than dumb animals, respectable wives and mothers attempted to replace the word ‘legs’ with ‘limbs’ in the OED and covered tables with floor-length cloths to avoid arousing unseemly lust.

A ruling Victorian elite – while as corrupt and sexually voracious as any previous age – held its fellows, and certain other groups of its choosing, as being above basic morality, protected from censure no matter the cost to the helpless.

Again, I can find no difference between ‘then’ and ‘now’ except that the names of the elite and those it shelters have been changed – and most certainly not to protect the innocent.

There are many who voted for Margaret Thatcher because she promised a ‘return to Victorian Values’, and I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

The current sickly amalgam of immorality and puritanism must surely stand as the strongest possible warning to be careful what you wish for.