Feminism is Lost


In recent years, directionless feminists have pivoted effortlessly from denouncing a man for being a bad husband to denouncing a man for being a good one. Now feminists have gone to war on beautiful women being used for “decoration”, resulting recently in the withdrawal of Grid Girls from Formula 1 and walk-on girls from PDC Darts. The Women’s Sport Trust is encouraging other sports to follow suit and stop positioning women “as an embellishment”. No doubt, pressure will be put on sports such as cycling and boxing next, as well as the attractive cheerleaders of American Football, as feminists seek to end careers determined by the female worker’s beauty.

To what end, you may well ask? Has feminism really become so scatter gun?

You can tell when a lobbying movement has met its sell-by date when its proponents vociferously claim oppression to attract funding without giving sound examples of areas requiring change. When, to garner publicity, with its messages and groupings splintered, its wingnuts descend into publicity-generating shock activities like those of the tragedy that is Femme Feral (“Femme Feral presents THERESAMAYSMACKDOWN, a queer, feminist, anti-fascist, noise-driven ferocious fight to the death [of the alt-right]. Brandishing baby oil and pure f**king fiery rage, Femme Feral Fighters build a cacophony of body slamming sound and a display of fiercely perverse erotic imagery.”)

Sorry to have put you through that.

If I could offer you any immediate mind bleach, it would be this celebration of femininity:

I’ve suffered the horror of watching more than one Femme Feral video and I assure you that, as a man of very mainstream sexual proclivities, I have found nothing erotic about these ladies at all. Let’s be honest, it’s a bunch of blubbery, obnoxious lesbians grunting and making Orca breeding sounds. Ranting about Brexit and other political subjects they evidently don’t understand. They are achieving nothing. Except, perhaps, justifying Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection (that’s a joke, ladies.)

I, and I am sure I speak for most heterosexual males, would not let any of the unsightly Femme Feral participants anywhere near my spermatozoa (should they be so desperate to request any of course – signing the relevant paperwork confirming any donation would never be classed as rape). That goes for most of the feminazis, frankly. They seem intent on attacking the Audrey Hepburns of this world without knowing them – merely for the Audreys’ good looks and natural charm. Look at their attacks on the likes of pulchritudinous Taylor Swift. In their eyes, beauty is a sin. They’re bitter. Poppy-lopping is their game.

Am I really that out of line in my criticism of these feminazis – for pointing out their obvious hideousness?

I don’t believe so. Indeed, I believe I am justified. I married a woman who happens to be a beauty queen who happens to be one of the most intelligent and spirited women I have ever met – someone who spends their days fighting for the futures of her compatriots suffering in the socialist utopia of Venezuela, while her modelling portfolio grows. Today’s feminazis – especially the middle class, armchair variety – deserve a strong riposte and reality check for their scatter-gun attacks on beautiful women, most of whom they have never met but whose beauty they clearly covet and whose modelling careers they seem intent on curtailing.

Since these feminazis are such lovers of equality, they now open themselves up to being documented by all men and women as the busted sofas that they are. There you go, I said it – someone has to have the balls to slaughter their sacred cow. Attacking someone merely for their looks is pathetic, but if such a thing is acceptable for this latest wave of feminazis blackening the name of feminism, it should be fair game for others to make judgements about their looks. They judge the beautiful without knowing them – it is therefore our job, in the name of equality, to point out their surface ugliness:

It’s a shame, Femme Feral, but you’re so ugly, if you stick your head out of the car window you’ll get arrested for mooning.

It is a sad thing that feminism is almost dead, but let’s hope it can revive itself. Serious feminism still has some valuable goals to target – goals which to varying degrees reflect the honour of thoughtful feminism’s past successes. There’s the mass mistreatment of women in countries like Saudi Arabia, the jailing and putting to death of lesbians in countries like Somalia, the FGM scandal, and there are other worthy campaigns which true feminists could embark upon which would genuinely help create a fairer, meritocratic world where a person’s gender is a null value in how they are treated by society. Such causes might make others treat feminism seriously again and show it respect once more.

The tragedy right now is that feminism has been hijacked by feminazis and is lost. We should laugh at it – both women and men. It has well and truly lost its way despite so many good people meaning well by sporting pink pussy hats last year. Feminism today makes a mockery of the achievements of de Pizan, Norton and Pankhurst. Feminism has further lost its essence due to the dumb alliances it has made with opportunist extremist Islamism, other abusers of women and the hypocrisy of the feminazis of Hollywood.

Where will these levellers’ puritanism end? Should we go around chopping the legs off good footballers? Stick ugly men like Owen Jones or, God forbid, Corbyn in ads for budgie crunchers? How about cutting the tongues off great actors or making gymnasts wear weights so fatties have a chance? Where do the feminazis stop in their attempts at what they (wrongly) perceive to be equality and fairness?

They have no answer. Just bitter twitter mobs and wails.