The Elephant in the Women’s Room


Deary, deary, me. 3rd wave ‘radical feminism’ is getting itself into a terrible pickle over this Transgender malarkey. Entertaining though it is from a feet-up, popcorn munching vantage point, it appears that it has got itself bogged down in a load of gender identity tit-for-tat with men in tasteless frocks, bad wigs and inconvenient dangly bits. To be or not to be called a woman, that is the question. There are of course legitimate reasons why this is causing apoplexy among da sistahs, not least because the political establishment lawmakers and the myriad numbers of public organisations on that gravy-train payroll have accepted this nonsense hook, line and sinker, including schools, with barely a thought about how this undermines the position of, err, real women. Y’know, the ones with actual vaginas, ovaries ‘n’ stuff and sans danglys. The Labour party (now known as Tranny Maomentum) is currently destroying the miniscule scintilla of credibility it had by allowing these men to join ‘all-women’ shortlists, and laud it over ‘women-only’ committees and spaces… (Excuse me whilst I suppress the urge to bring up my breakfast.)

Juxtapose this debacle, if you will, with the successful efforts of white middle class, sanctimonious, ultra-patronising uber-bitches, to get working class women like walk-on girls thrown out of well-paid, tax-paying  gainful employment on the whim of their ideological disapproval of anyone making a living out of being ‘decorative’. Sportsmen aren’t allowed to appreciate a shapely, attractive lady anymore, apparently. No, the only thing that’s allowed is bloke-bashing, while these wasp-chewing feminist puritans are busy making Mary Whitehouse look like the Whore of Babylon. Oh, and not a word about how men get ‘objectified’ all the time. (Oh how I would love to have earned loadsamoney when I was young being ‘decorative’, but the gay porn producer rejected me, the swine.)

On the one hand you’ve got The Transgender lobby accusing radical feminists, TERFS (Trans-Exclusionary Radfems) of being ‘transphobic’, sexist and homophobic and blaming that on the Patriarchy, and on the other you’ve got radfems accusing the Transgender lobby of being (you’ve guessed it) sexist and homophobic, and blaming that on… drum roll… the Patriachy! You couldn’t make it up. Well actually, it’s all made up. It’s all neo-Marxist cultural and social engineering claptrap where the ‘lived experience’, of subjective, relativistic, narcissism takes primacy over established and scientific truth and fact.

What we are witnessing with both phenomena is dogmatic, social constructionist theories of gender (and that’s ALL they are) coming home to roost. This is a battle royale of competing victimhood, and when everyone’s a victim in the game it’s so much easier to pin the blame on those who are deemed the ‘universal oppressors’, men. That is us ordinary blokes, who actually are nothing to do with this. Being gay or straight doesn’t matter either. This is very apparent with an LGBTQzzzzz agenda that is now claiming that white gay men are not ‘oppressed’ within this ‘community’. No wonder increasing numbers of white gay men are rejecting this nonsense and embracing conservatism as the progressive counter culture. WGMGOOW…White Gay Men Going Our Own Way, anyone? Now there’s an acronym growth industry I can support.

3rd wave feminism is being hoist by its own blame everything bad that happens on the Partriachy/male privilege/male supremacist petard. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t have to point out on my gloriously astute Twitter feeds (beware, I bite) that the vast majority of men do not claim to be women, and don’t want to be referred to as women, especially the unreconstructed ‘cavemen’ and those with traditional values, who shock horror, think that children should be raised by a husband and wife household, because ideally kids need role models, security, and the considerable burden of child-rearing, shared. (Y’ know, the sort of men who live in the country and think it right and proper to provide for their families and instill basic values of discipline and respect in their children). Because you see, apparently, the Tranny lobby jumping on the LGBTQIXXXXXXXX (God, I’m so done with typing these letters) victimhood fake acronyms/fake pro-nouns bandwagon is entirely the fault of The Patriarchy and is just the latest example of a male dominated society, which implicates all men at all times and forever more in EVERYTHING. Err, no actually, it really isn’t our fault. Instead, this is all the inevitable consequence of promulgating ideas like ‘gender fluidity’ and multiple genders and sexualities, and promoting the spurious theory of gender as a ‘spectrum’, when anyone with any nous knows it’s the biology, stupid. There are only two genders. Everything outside of that is anomalous.

Jordan Peterson (also known as the Messiah, and a very naughty boy) has demonstrated the virtue of not allowing radfems to get away with blaming men for everything. They can’t get away with laying this one at our door. We don’t buy it, duckies. Tranny bandwagon jumpers are much more down to 3rd Wave radfeminists, and their rejection of biological primacy, and opening up the can of worms marked ‘Biology Has Nothing To Do With Gender,’ which is backfiring sooo spectacularly. They can’t have it both ways. Either these theories dictate that men can legitimately claim to be women because of, muh, gender fluidity and identity, or there needs to be a major rethink of those theories. I won’t be holding my breath. This cat-fight looks set to run and run.

Guest Writer Gary McGhee is a semi-retired screenwriter, loving the outdoor life with his partner in the Norfolk countryside. Gary was ‘red-pilled’ before it became fashionable, and believes in liberty, freedom, modernism, and defying herd-mentalities.