Light Wings


When the morning’s happiness outpoured, and the foggy shadow secluded, at that moment I knew that the sun had a pure splendid face and the light wings went to laugh with their full days.

O great woman, when the mask of darkness which is perching on liberation’s chest falls, I will see all the towers, eventual smiles, and the glorious rain chants on your hands. O great Mary, from your heart corners all the dreams of rivers come and all universes have been loved by acquainted whiteness which cleaves the heart of grey time.

I watch your light wings and I listen to your deep voice with cheerfulness. I see your words on the lake’s face: “The peaceful one will defeat darkness by every loved word.” This will enliven the warmth in the cold mountains, overspread the greenness in the dry land, and will teach the earth the light realms in peace.

Anwar Gheni Jaber (pen name; Anwer Ghani ) is an Iraqi poet, writer and artist. He was born in 1973 in Babylon. He is the author of more than fifty books.