Desperately Seeking Gays in Hull

BY ROGER WATSON Now that I am retired and have endless leisure time I can do crazy things like visit art galleries in the morning. Here in Kingston upon Hull we are certainly not spoilt for choice. We have a single gallery in town. Therefore, one visit goes a long way. The Ferens Art Gallery is in the old town of Hull, and we have … Continue reading Desperately Seeking Gays in Hull

David Shepherd – Artist and Conservationist

BY ALEXIA JAMES In 1975, David Shepherd wrote his autobiography ‘The Man Who Loves Giants’. Even though he was only 44, he had already achieved more than most could have in three lifetimes. Right up until his death in 2017, he continued to paint a huge variety of subjects; founded the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (which has, to date, raised over £10 million); renovated and … Continue reading David Shepherd – Artist and Conservationist

Farts & Music

BY SAM WHITE The inherent leftiness of the arts and music scene is relentlessly stifling, the creative industries having become intractably connected with so-called progressive politics. Those in the industry articulate, of course, a belief in artistic freedom, but it’s a false one, as the strict confines of the like-minded collective invisibly demarcate actual artistic practice. There’s a rejection of capitalism, while working in ways … Continue reading Farts & Music

Interview with a Master Weaver

BY ANASTASIA CHOO Ask anyone what the word “tapestry” means and the chances are that they’ll talk about old and grandiose designs that are metres long and wide, which the aristocracy often used to keep out the draft. Nowadays the need for tapestries to keep out draughts in a large hall has disappeared but the weaving of tapestries did not die in medieval times and … Continue reading Interview with a Master Weaver

Shining Light

BY VALENTYNA HOLLOWAY They came in the night to our cities, our towns, they crossed through the countryside like warriors with shovels and crossbows. Chopping, shooting, digging at the roots of our foundation unable to accept reason or a peaceful resolution of conclusion, even though it was the majorities decision. (Forgive them don’t understand the light the truth, it burns) They bite the hand that … Continue reading Shining Light

Lucy Sparrow: Shoplifting

For one entire month in the summer of 2014, felt artist Lucy Sparrow took over a rundown corner shop in Bethnal Green, East London, and filled it with more than 4000 hand-stitched felt replicas of everyday items that you’d ordinarily find in a local shop. Even the ice lollies in the freezer were felt lollies. The show was a huge success and visitors from all … Continue reading Lucy Sparrow: Shoplifting