A Prayer for Faith


Dear Readers of Country Squire Magazine, I bid You a good day and an excellent week to come.

How is Your faith?

Do You pray?

Or only when You are faced with a disaster?

If Your faith is in dark places and expression otherwise seems unreal, remember that Your gratitude is not restricted to life experiences; your gratitude extends to mercies yet unrealised. The truly faithful are thankful even when they can see little cause for thanksgiving. This is the dimension where present darkness becomes scattered.

Today I pray for You and Your families. I wish You all the best. Please take some time out today to relax and prepare both practically and spiritually for the week ahead, whatever You face.

God Bless.


I believe:
I wish to believe in Thee.
Lord, let my faith be full and unreserved,
and let it penetrate my thought,
my way of judging Divine things and human things.
Lord, let my faith be joyful
and give peace and gladness to my spirit,
and dispose it for prayer with God
and conversation with men,
so that the inner bliss of its fortunate possession
may shine forth in sacred and secular conversation.
Lord, let my faith be humble and not presume
to be based on the experience of my thought and of my
but let it surrender to the testimony of the Holy Spirit.