A Message from Poland


My blood boils from the inside and I want to take my own scalp while watching what you have guys allowed to happen and what is the course of the Western civilisation at this moment. I travelled around all of Europe, recently (4 days ago) I came back to Poland from Dubai, from the United Arab Emirates and I can tell you that I felt more secure and safe there than in Germany, UK, Portugal or Spain. It’s weird.

I have no idea what will become of the “Men of the West” but as a Polish man, when Poles always wanted to be “part of the West” because it meant to be richer and part of the more developed world after communism was forced on us by Russia, right now I’m happy I can call myself Polish from Central/Eastern Europe. It looks like men simply lost their goals in life. I talk to and hear men from the West whining about everything and doing absolutely nothing to change it.

I don’t know where you all think you’re headed and I know you personally think like us Poles, but I’m afraid that when the Polish nation was tested for over 250 years – during which we experienced slavery, misery, poverty and starvation and the Western powers threw us under the bus and enjoyed life while our people suffered – now it seems the situation will be reversed, and it is your turn to be tested. We are proud to call ourselves the only country that disappeared from the map and a nation that never ceased to exist. Because now we’re back.

I hope for the sake of the world and Western civilization, that you and your cultures will survive these tests before you. Because in my eyes, where you’re heading now is head-on into civil war in the next 50-100 years where you will literally have to fight to save your own culture or you will disappear in the melting pot of “being European” and that will be the end of British culture as you know it.

Please don’t fail. Stay strong in your conviction, faith and national identity. That is the only way to go. People always think we’re devoted Catholics in Poland because we’re a “backward nation” while the fact is that Christianity and Catholicism are our shield with which we have enveloped our culture. Nobody can break us, nobody can destroy us.

No matter what happens we will survive because our people carry Poland inside their hearts and souls and in their national identity – heavily intertwined with our faith. Europe was built upon two foundations – Roman Law and Christian culture. You cannot erase one and replace it with something else. Certainly not Islam. Tolerance is key to Christian liberty.

All of Poland stands with you. We support you, our British friends. Your test begins now. What your legacy will be is up to only you and your people.

Sincere regards from Poland.

Stay strong, very strong!